October 8, 2008:  Truro Sawmill Reaches Safety Milestone – Three Years Without A Lost Time Accident

Truro, Nova Scotia:  J.D. Irving, Limited’s Sproule Sawmill in Truro, Nova Scotia has reached an outstanding milestone in safety and accident prevention. The 150 hourly employees and staff have worked a full 36 months of safe work without a lost time incident.

Human Resources Safety Manager Trevor Bent says the three-year safety milestone is a testament to the constant focus and the continuing safety awareness of all employees. Bent credits the dedication and volunteer effort of the sawmill safety committee. “The committee members are devoted to safety. They work everyday to make sure that everyone at the Sproule Sawmill puts safety first,” said Bent.

The Sawmills Division of J.D. Irving, Limited is committed to a safe and healthy workplace. The company continually invests the time and effort on the sawmill floor with orientations, safety talks, lock out audits and risk assessments. “Employees are trained to be aware of what hazards might be expected in the workplace, and they are given hands-on instruction on the safety precautions for each job that they do,” said Bent.

“Congratulations to everyone at the Sproule Sawmill for managing their own personal safety,” said Gaston Poitras, Vice President, J.D. Irving, Limited Sawmills Division. “It is this commitment to working safely that has led to this outstanding safety record. This is a major step in assuring that every employee at Sproule Sawmill works to retirement in good health and with no workplace injuries.”


Employee Group Photo Available

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