Celebrating Canada’s Agriculture Day

Canada’s Agriculture Day is a time to showcase what’s happening in the agriculture industry. At Cavendish Farms, that’s celebrating our growers and the quality raw product they deliver. 

“For 30 years we’ve honoured our growers on Prince Edward Island at the annual Cavendish Farms Growers Banquet,” said Robert K. Irving, President of Cavendish Farms. “Our growers help us provide great tasting French fries to our customers. Those French fries are enjoyed here in Canada and around the world.”

Every load of potatoes delivered to Cavendish Farms is graded based on fry colour, defects, solids and size profile. Points are allocated for each category and top growers are selected based on their total accumulated points for the crop year.
The Top Grower in Prince Edward Island for 2017 was Arthur Mooney & Sons Ltd. It was the first time Arthur Mooney & Sons won the top growers award. They are a multi-generation family farm and were represented at the banquet by Andy, Merlin and Patty, David and Judy Mooney.


The Top Growers on PEI for 2017 were:

Front Row left to right: Jubs Bristow, Vice President Agricultural, Cavendish Farms; Kyle Maynard, Farmboys Inc. (4th place); David and Andy Mooney, Arthur Mooney & Sons Ltd. (1st place); Bradley Mills, Triple M Farms Ltd. (3rd place); Kenny Waugh, Albert Waugh & Sons Ltd. (9th place); and Robert K. Irving, President, Cavendish Farms

Second Row left to right: David Harris, Harris Bros. Inc (8th place); Jonathon MacLennan, MacLennan Properties Ltd. (6th place); Wayne Smallman, Triple S Farms Ltd. (10th place); John Sweet, Sweet Farms Inc. (7th place), Donald Cousins, Arthur Cousins & Sons Inc. (2nd place); and Andy Toombs, Bedeque Farms Ltd. (5th place)

“I personally want to thank all of our growers on the Island and our other grower regions in North America,” said Robert K. Irving. “They truly are helping us grow our best.”

Cavendish Farms also introduced a new award that will be given out for the first time in 2018. The Cavendish Farms Growing Green award will be given to a grower that clearly demonstrates attention to environmental sustainability.