World first technology, brilliant results

Using the latest technology in paper making and providing world class customer service, Irving Paper produces a wide range of products for your commercial printing needs.

Irving Paper is nationally recognized for its commitment to productivity and process improvement. Ongoing investment means that specialty grades of paper are produced using world-first technology.

Irving Paper is a leading producer of specialty grade (SC) papers for flyers and magazines. Our technology gives us the flexibility to manufacture a full range of paper grades.

We produce a full complement of super calendered printing papers for North American markets. Using world-first technology, our products range from the Ultra™ family of SCB paper to the SCA++ (Opulence™) grade. 

We are also positioned to be your key paper supplier for offset and rotogravure commercial printing.

Irving Paper products include: 

  • SCA, SCA+ (Radiance™), SCA++ (Opulence™), SCB and Hi-Brite Newsprint
  • Roto and Offset applications
  • Basis weight ranges from 29lbs to 50lbs (42gm- 74gm)     

Annual Capacity: 420,000 Tonnes / Year

Employees: 310

Paper Machines: 2

Irving Paper - General Conditions

Sustainability Report

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 CSR IPL 2016


Irving Paper operates a world class facility with the latest technology in Saint John, New Brunswick. We are committed to supplying a consistently high level of paper quality through a mill team dedicated to excellence. Irving Paper career opportunities include:

• Project Engineering
• Environmental Coordinator
• Maintenance
• Equipment Operator
• Finishing & Shipping Operator
• Health & Safety
• Sales Representative
• Customer Service Representative
• Claims Analyst
• Account Manager
• Human Resources

Finding a better way

Continuous investment in healthy forests

Our forests and forest products operations are an integrated and interdependent value chain that is strengthened by the growth of two vital resources - our people and the trees that sustain our operations. 

Healthy forests are the first link.  Sawmills provide chips to pulp and paper mills. Bark is used as a vital green source of energy.  Pulp mills provide the raw material for paper making.   It is very important that every link in the value chain be healthy and competitive in the global marketplace.

This means an ongoing investment in trees, in skilled people and the best technology JDI is committed to those investments. In New Brunswick, we invest more than double the North American industry average