JDI Supply Chain makes supply chain decisions that create value for our customers

We believe in proactive relationships that add value to our operations by delivering supply chains that are as efficient and as cost effective as possible. The information in this section outlines the fundamentals of how we conduct business with our suppliers and how we view supplier relationships in general.

Our aim is to use leading edge electronic systems to eliminate wasteful practices and costs. We regularly conduct LEAN initiatives (Kaizens, 5-S, Six Sigma) to analyze and further remove waste from our various supply chains.

Our contract managers operate within our company’s code of ethics in all our business dealings.

    We are pleased that you have chosen to explore a potential business relationship with us. Further inquiries can be made to Scott Gillis, our Vice President of Supply Chain Management at: supplychain@jdirving.com.

    We commit to responding to all inquiries directly and in a timely manner.

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