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Learn about the local ecosystems and habitat through Irving Nature Park's fun, interactive activities and events. Admission to all programs and parks is free.

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Upcoming General Public Events at the Irving Nature Park

July & August Nature Park Schedule

Every Saturday- 8:00-12:00PM: Wheels to Heels
Visit us at the park to run, or bike on the main road without the worry of vehicle traffic! Every Saturday morning from 8AM to NOON come and enjoy a car-free road to get some exercise, or to get the kids moving. After 12PM, vehicles will be free to use the road once again. Don’t forget to visit the kiosk to grab a walker’s club card! More information is available from contacting the park at 653-7367. Hope to see you soon!

Saturday July 1st- 8:00-11:00PM: Canada Day at Wolastoq Park
The park gates at Wolastoq Park will remain open for the Canada Day Celebration fireworks display by the City of Saint John. Come over to Wolastoq Park with a great view of the display after dusk until the end of the display. Hope to see you there to mark Canada’s 150th Birthday!

Saturday July 8th- 12:00-2:00PM: Bay of Fundy Fishes
Have you ever wondered what types of fish inhabit the Bay of Fundy? Join a marine biologist as they bring you on a beach seining tour on Saint’s Rest Beach! With some luck we should catch a few different types of fish, as well as be able to talk about some other fish species in the Bay! Meet us at the main gate for noon as we embark on our fishing excursion!

Sunday July 9th- 9:00-10:00PM: Moon Walk
Come along with our city’s historian David Goss as he and park staff takes visitors on a moon walk in the evening of July 9th. This walk will coincide with the full moon in July, with a moon rise at 9:26PM. Join David as he talks about moon lore, as well as aboriginal stories about the moon, and other interesting moon facts. Meet us at the Barn on 1379 Sand Cove Road where we’ll begin our journey to Smuggler’s Cove. Be sure to dress for the weather, as well a rain/cloud date will be the following evening! For more information please contact the park at 653-7367 or David Goss at 672-8601.

Saturday July 22nd- 3:00-5:00PM: Irving Nature Park Geology Tour
Join an interpreter as we embark on a tour of the park geology! The Irving Nature Park is a Stonehammer Geopark location, with much to offer in terms of learning about the past and present of the park’s geology! We hope to see you there as we go back in time thousands of years to see what type of environment the park was. Meet us at the main gate for 2:00PM as we head out on a small hike and a walk onto the beach. For more information, please contact the park at 653-7367.

Saturday July 29th- 900-1130PM: Star Gazing at the Irving Nature Park
The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada is celebrating Canada's 150th birthday with a national star party. Join local members and guests of the RASC NB Centre in an evening of stargazing at the Irving Nature Park, starting at 9:00 pm with a brief talk at the observing area where several telescopes will be set up. Please park in the parking lot at the Interpretative Shelter. Early evening highlights will be the craters and mountains on the Moon, Jupiter with its moons, and Saturn with its fascinating rings. When twilight fades to darkness we will see star clusters, distant galaxies, and nebulous clouds from both newborn and dying stars. The amateur astronomers will be happy to show you the constellations and answer your questions on telescopes and stargazing. For more information, please contact the park at 653-7367.

Saturday August 5th- 10:30-12:30PM: A Beginner’s Guide to Birding
Come for a hike through the Sheldon Point Trail with an interpreter as we show you a beginner’s guide to birding! From beginner to expert we welcome all visitors to attend as we look for our feathered friends of the park both in the woods and on the bay! If you’re interested in identification, calls, mating habits and more, we hope to cover these topics along the way! We look forwards to meeting you at the Barn for 10:30AM where we will head out on the Sheldon Point Trail. For more information please contact the park at 653-7367.

Saturday August 12th- 1:00-3:00PM: Flower Hunting and Tree Talk
Have you ever wondered what kind of flowers make Irving Nature Park their home? Come for an interpreter led hike through the trail system on the hunt for some of the parks common and elusive flowers as well as trees. While on our walk we will learn about identification, facts, and other neat tips about flowers and trees in the park. We will be meeting at the Kiosk for 1:00PM where we will then proceed through the trails on the search for some wildflowers. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the park at 653-7367.

Saturday August 19th- 1:00-3:00PM: Animal Signs
Can you spot the signs that tell us when an animal has been around or nearby? Join an interpreter as we discuss the many different ways that animals let us know they are around. Meet us at the information kiosk for 1:00PM as we head out on a short hike through the trail to discuss the facts on animal markings. For more information, please contact the park at 653-7367.

Monday August 21st- 2:00-5:00PM: Partial Eclipse of the Sun
On the afternoon of August 21 more than half the Sun will disappear over New Brunswick. Don't be alarmed, but be safe. Join local members and guests of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada NB Centre at the Irving Nature Park in observing the Moon pass in front of the Sun through safely filtered telescopes. This is the best partial solar eclipse for our area in the past 18 years. The eclipse begins at 2:37 pm, reaches maximum eclipse at 3:49 when 59% of the Sun is covered, and it ends at 4:56 pm. With luck we might see sunspots and prominences on the Sun through the filtered telescopes. Special eclipse viewers will be available to watch the event safely with just your eyes, courtesy of the RASC. Do not observe the eclipse without proper eye protection! For more information, please contact the park at 653-7367.

Saturday August 26th- 10:00-12:00PM: Tide Talk
Come along with one of the park’s staff to search the tidal pools for different sorts of critters and marine life. We’ll discuss the species found as well as some unique facts about what we find that day throughout the pools and maybe a little deeper! Meet us at west end of Saint’s Rest beach as we commence our tour. Feel free to stay afterwards and walk the beach or any one of the park’s trails. For more information, please contact the park at 653-7367.

All tours are provided free of charge by J.D. Irving, Limited
Questions about the park or events?  Contact us at (506) 653-7367, naturepark@jdirving.com or through Facebook.