J.D. Irving, Limited offers one of the leading Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) Training Programs in Atlantic Canada. During the 30-month program you will gain the practical experience required as well as the support to prepare to write your Common Final Exam (CFE), all while working with world-class businesses and receiving mentorship from our senior leadership team.

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JDI has two pre-approved routes to gaining the practical experience and education needed to successfully pass the Common Final Exam (CFE):

  • Accounting Associate: Gain the full 30-months of practical experience in progressively more responsible roles with the Financial Accounting and Reporting Group.
  • Rotational: Gain the full 30-months of practical experience with a total of four rotations throughout a variety of industries and finance functions.

JDI's Pre-Approved CPA Training Program provides you with:

  • Unique work experience across a wide range of industries
  • Gain required competencies across financial & management accounting, taxation, internal audit, and financial performance measurement
  • Personalized coaching and formal CPA education program
  • Strong network of experienced CPAs & CPA Program Peers
  • Unlimited career growth opportunities

Why JDI?

  • Strong history of successful results in attaining CPA designation
  • Competitive salary and benefits
  • Professional development programs
  • Personalized coaching and formal CPA education program
  • Paid study time and bonus for passing the Common Final Exam (CFE)


“I chose the CPA program at J.D. Irving, Limited because it provides opportunities for students to gain knowledge in different business areas. Through this program, I was able to develop transferable skills and identify my strengths to determine my career path.”

Kennedy Forret

Financial Analyst

J.D. Irving, Limited

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