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Happy Father's Day!

June 13, 2019

Father's Day is a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge all the amazing Dads we have across our businesses. Ours is a family story and below are just some of the many stories of fathers and their children who are all part of the team at J.D. Irving, Limited (JDI). 

Mark Randles, Director of Special Projects at KENT, has been with company for 28 years and now his two sons Dave and Chris have followed in his footsteps and work at KENT too. Dave, a Merchant with KENT, says “It’s really nice being able to walk down the hall and see my dad. My father has done multiple roles with the company over the years and that really helps him in what he is able to do today.” When asked about Father’s Day traditions Mark said “There’s two new grandsons in our family now, so we’re re-inventing Father’s Day with the addition of grandchildren!”   We wish the Randles family a Happy Father’s Day this weekend!


John MacDonald, Store Manager at KENT Saint John West is very proud of his daughter, Hannah who works as a cashier at KENT Saint John East. “I knew my daughter Hannah would be very safe and learn a lot. It makes me very happy to see my daughter serving our customers in a respectful manner with great demeanor, just like KENT does. It is very important that young people develop that work ethic.” 

Hannah says “I like being able to come home from work and my father would know what I am talking about every day.”   John & Hannah share a passion for football “Work has been really helpful in making sure I can make it for football,” says Hannah.  For Father’s Day the MacDonalds’ enjoy having a big breakfast together as a family and every year Hannah plans a surprise for her father. From all of us at KENT - and across JDI - we wish you a Happy Father's Day!


What’s especially interesting about Curtis, and his two sons - Evan and Ryan - is that all three have chosen the same career path – they’re seafarers working with Atlantic Towing Limited. Curtis is a Master, currently captaining the Atlantic Cedar. Evan is a Deckhand working out of Saint John, and Ryan works on Atlantic Towing’s offshore vessels, currently stationed in the North Sea. We asked Curtis what Father's day means to him. "I’m proud to have two kids, and having them do this, that’s just an extra bonus. I couldn’t care less what they do, as long as they’re happy. I’ve always been happy and proud of them. They’re the two best days of my life – having them." We at JDI would like to wish Curtis and all the amazing dads on our vessels a very Happy Father's Day!


Andrew and Keegan Reynolds are a father and son team that both work for the IT Division at JDI's Saint John Head Office location. Keegan is currently in his fourth work term and hopes to transition into a full-time position, working along side his father, after graduation.  "I appreciate the opportunities I have had to interact with Keegan and share workplace experiences with him, I think it's been positive for the both of us," says Andrew Reynolds. Happy Father's Day!


Clayton and Jordan Keirstead from Sussex, New Brunswick both work at Irving Pulp and Paper. What makes this father and son duo even more special is they currently work in the same department together! "As a parent having your son or daughter working with you is a great reason to be proud of them. Having him follow in my footsteps, taking the Mech Tech course means we enjoy really good jobs at Irving Pulp and Paper. We get to work side by side, for any parent this would be a proud moment," said Clayton.

keirsted snapshot.jpeg

Meet Stacey and Taylor Wiper, father and daughter who both work at the Halifax Shipyard. Stacey is a CAF Veteran, and Director of Health, Safety & Environment. Taylor works as a Material Management Specialist. Happy Father's Day Stacey!

Stacey and Taylor Wiper.jpeg

We have a father-son duo at Halifax Shipyard too! Lou Lanceleve is a Crane and Rigging Department Supervisor at Land Level for both Ship 1 and Ship 2, and recently completed 11 years! He is also the Dock Master for the Shipyard. His son Colby Lanceleve followed in his father's footsteps and joined the Service Department at Halifax Shipyard in August 2018. Happy Father's Day Lou!

Lou and Colby Lanceleve.jpeg

Steve and Allison Bent are a father daughter duo working for the Pulp & Paper Division. Steve, HR Manager at Irving Pulp & Paper has been with JDI for over 30 years, and recently his daughter Allison joined the team as the Health & Safety Coordinator at Irving Tissue.

Steve and Allison Bent 2(edit).jpeg

Meet Shane and Fred Fudge, whose family have been with JDI for decades. Fred works with Grand Lake Timber (GLT) and Shane works for Southern New Brunswick. "For me, working for JDI was an easy choice. My grandfather and uncle both worked at GLT for over 25 years. My father has been with the company for over 40 years. It was very important to me to work for a company that my family has been loyal to for 3 generations, and that the company has been loyal to them for 3 generations! A company that has been here, plans on staying here, and cares about their people and works hard at growing them," says Shane.    We thank you for your loyalty, hard work and commitment and wish you a Happy Father’s Day!

Shane Fudge and Fred Fudge.jpeg

At the Construction & Equipment team we have many father-son and father-daughter duos. Wishing them all a Happy Father’s Day from everyone in JDI!

Preston, Jocelyn and their father Steve Richards. All three are all employees with CFM!


Meet Shawna and her father Pat Levesque who both work with CFM.


Mike Carter and his son Peter who also work with CFM.


Meet Alex Chouinard and his father Louis Chouinard. Alex works with CFM and Louis is a mail room associate with J.D. Irving, Ltd


From all of us at JDI we wish everyone a Happy Father's Day!