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$47,250 Awarded in Tree Planter Scholarships

Since 2010, J.D. Irving, Limited (JDI) has awarded scholarships to tree planters who are starting or returning to school the following year. To date, $454,500 has been awarded to full-time students who have planted trees across JDI-owned or managed lands. The 2017 season had 58 students awarded a total of $47,250. 

First time university or college students receive $750, university and college students who have planted with JDI in the past are eligible for $1,000, all of which is paid to the registrar and goes toward their tuition. High school students receive letters letting them know that their scholarship will be waiting for them when they move on to post-secondary education. 

A big thank you goes out to all our tree planters, helping to make the 60th year of JDI’s tree planting a success.

Since 1957, JDI has planted almost 1 billion trees and is celebrating 60 years of tree planting in 2017.

 Tree Planter Scholarship

We would like to thank the 110 students involved in the 2017 tree planting operations for their contribution to growing a sustainable forest for future generations! With the help of the 2017 tree planting crews, 16.5 million seedlings were planted this summer.