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10 Reasons Why We Are Celebrating Earth Day 2015 at JDI

Watch our video on why we celebrate Earth Day: YouTube  Vimeo  

1. We’ve increased our voluntary conservation sites in the forests we own or manage to 1155 in 2014 … and counting.
2.  We reduced water consumption by 2,664,794 cubic metres (2012-2014) in our forest products operations.
3.  Atlantic Towing has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 36% since 2008.
4. We have planted almost one billion trees since 1957 and an internationally recognized study with UNB confirms these growing trees will absorb 92,000,000 million tonnes of CO2 over the next 50 years (imagine 18 million cars off the road for one year).
5. Ninety per cent of wood ash from our green energy biomass boilers is diverted from landfills to farmers’ fields.
6. Sunbury Transport reduced fuel consumption by 1,003,450 liters in 2014 (equivalent to 580 cars off the road in one year), and the company was internationally recognized by the US EPA’s SmartWay award for best environmental performance. 
7.  NB Southern Railway, Eastern Maine Railway and Northern Maine Railway are on track to reduce fuel consumption by 1 million litres this year.
8. Kent has reduced lighting energy consumption by 40% for warehouses and stores with upgraded lighting and motion sensor technology; and the new 300,000 square foot Kent Distribution Centre was recently awarded three Green Globes, by an international certification agency that recognizes energy efficient design and construction.
9. Midland has seen a 6.6% reduction in fuel consumption in 2014. 

10. 192,270 hectares of protective water course buffers on the lands we own or manage