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2021 Employee Child Scholarship Recipients Announced


J.D. Irving, Limited has announced this year’s recipients of the J.D. Irving, Limited Employee Child Scholarships. 

Each year, the company's various business divisions award scholarships to students pursuing post-secondary education whose parents are part of the JDI team.  This year, that means we are investing more than $116,000 in the education of our employees' children, and in the future of the regions where we operate.  

These students are either entering or returning full-time to post-secondary institutions this fall. Recipients represent 36 universities, colleges, and training institutes across Canada and the U.S..

"We have proudly been supporting the employee child scholarship program for a long time. We have outstanding employees and finding ways to encourage their families' investment in education is important to us," says Linda Speedy, Vice President of Human Resources. "With more than 2,500 student roles to fill in the next three years (2021-2023), employee child scholarships are a wonderful opportunity to engage with the next generation of leaders. We are excited to see the potential of these inspiring students."

We would like to wish these students, and everyone returning to the classroom, a happy and healthy school year. 

Below are the names of all the students who received scholarships from all J.D. Irving, Limited divisions.

J.D. Irving, Limited - Corporate (Saint John)

  • Grace Anderson
  • Katherine Laura Vie
  • Katie Arisz
  • Patric Harrigan
  • Peyton Schmidt
  • Rachel MacDonald
  • Rebecca Reid
  • Simon Manuel
  • Thomas MacDonald
 Rebecca and Bonnie
 Rebecca Reid and her mom Bonnie (a member of our JDI Finance team)


Construction & Equipment Division

  • Benjamin Wilson
  • Emma Wison
  • Hannah Montreuil
  • Jack Symonds
  • Rachel Wilson
  • Sarah Richard
  • Timothy Nice
 Jack Symonds
Jack Symonds at his graduation ceremony 



Irving Shipbuilding Division

  • Adelia Watters
  • Carson Lanceleve
  • Hannah Siscoe
  • Rion MacCharles
 Adelia Watters
 Adelia Watters and her mom Denise



J.D. Irving, Limited - Moncton Group of Companies

  • Allie Scott
  • Ashmeet Sandhu
  • Austin Black
  • Elsa Cunnison
  • Emil Yassinov
  • Emily McKenna
  • Ethan Gasee
  • Grace Lafferty
  • Hailey Firlotte
  • Heidi Cui
  • Hudson Poplar
  • Jada Allison
  • Jadyn Danells
  • Jayden Avelino
  • Kate MacKenzie
  • Katelyn Van Auken
  • Katie Snow
  • Laura Allen
  • Mackenzie Walsh
  • Matthew Michelberger
  • Melissa Young
  • Mya Wlton
  • Olivia Hebb
  • Owen Graham
  • Sarah Davis
  • Shkemmia Chambers
  • Tyra Mackinnon
  • Victoria Frauzel
  • Yael Morgenshtern
  • Zack Buser
 Hudson and Stephen
 Hudson Poplar and his dad Stephen



Pulp & Paper Division

  • Ben Fraser
  • Cameron Squires
  • Charlotte Knappe
  • Isaac Grenier
  • Jean Godbout
  • Nick Kilfoil
  • Thomas Kean
 Charlotte and Jeff
 Charlotte Knappe and her dad Jeff



Retail Division

  • Essa Hashem
  • Hannah Battiste
  • James Paddle
  • Luke Thibeau
  • Madison Curtis
  • Mark George
  • Torrie-Lynn Edmonds


 Madison Curtis
 Madison Curtis



Sawmill Division

  • Amelie Clavette
  • Andree Thebeau
  • Chloe Cyr-Roncetti
  • Cindy Lavoie
  • Cloe Savoie
  • Cole Brown
  • Destiny Urdsick
  • Dylan Chiasson
  • Edyn Albert
  • Ember Warren
  • Glyn Rath
  • Grace McNulty
  • Isabelle Gallant
  • Jessica Parlee
  • Joanie Hache
  • Mylene Levesque
  • Olivia Darrah
  • Owen Sellers
  • Scott Smyth
  • Sydney Philbrook
  • Tamra Benson
  • Zachary Fullerton
 Grace and Ed
 Grace McNulty with her dad Ed



Transportation & Logistics Division

  • Brady Holmes
  • Brooke Tracy
  • Brooklyn Suley
  • Charlotte Cullinan-Dickinson
  • Ethan Crowley
  • Maggie Melvin
  • Marcus Wells
  • Thomas Marino
 Brady Holmes
 Brady Holmes



Woodlands Division

  • Anna Rust
  • Barbara (Lizzy) Carpenter
  • Bridget Honeyman
  • Bryson Ellis
  • Cloe Doiron
  • Gabriel Fortin
  • Gabrielle Arsenault
  • Hannah Coleman
  • Jamie Poulin
  • Jared Thebeau
  • Kathryn Gilbert
  • Kelten Fawcett
  • Leigh Tabor
  • Matthew Brown
  • Meagan Dube
  • Michael Howarth
  • Mykaela Sherry
  • Nicholas Pellerin
  • Rachel Corbett
  • Samantha McQuade
  • Sebastien Lebel
  • Vanessa Thomsen
 Kathryn and Paul
 Kathryn Gilbert and her dad Paul