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5 Reasons to Celebrate JDI IT


Happy National IT Professionals Day!

Today we are shining a spotlight on our talented team of JDI IT professionals and celebrating the increasingly enormous range of technologies and rapid pace of change our pros manage.

This year, the opportunity to recognize and thank our team has never been more essential, as the pandemic required us to rely on them to ensure our business didn't miss a beat. Thanks to our team we were able to maintain company wide availability, ensuring quality communication and performance – all while staying safe and maintaining social distancing.


Here are 5 reasons to celebrate our IT heroes that keep our operations connected:

We are built for continuous learning.

We pride ourselves in a highly educated team with 39% of our workforce having more than one degree. We strive to continue broadening our expertise and are curious by nature. So, we've committed to growing with the technology around us and in the businesses we transform.

 2020 IT Professionals Day 1


We are built for collaboration.

With over 275 partners across North America, JDI IT provides enterprise services to each of our businesses, no matter how big or small. Our IT team has helped us stay connected during COVID-19 allowing us to continue our collaborative work without interruption with an 600% increase in virtual meeting, exceeding collaboration industry benchmarking.

 2020 IT Professionals Day 2


We are built for diversity.

With our employees representing 16 countries and working across eight divisions, we pride ourselves in the diversity our team brings to the table and experiences in the field. By offering a diverse working environment across our companies it creates an accelerated learning environment and provides exposure to unlimited industry leading technologies. The diversity of JDI companies, our continued investment, and breadth of services provides greater economic stability within our local, national, international, and global economies.

 2020 IT Professionals Day 3


We are built to be a competitive advantage.

At JDI, we believe technology has the power to reshape the way we work, maximizing efficiency which positions our business to succeed.

 2020 IT Professionals Day 4


We are built for the future.

IT professionals are change agents and expect the unknown. Because of this our team is always looking ahead to ensure we are prepared for times we can't plan. Unprecedented times like this reflects the daily demands of our IT pros, allowing us to be prepared and not skip a beat when quick action is required. We are committed to moving forward and looking ahead. We are #builtforthis.


Interested in becoming a JDI IT pro? Join our team here: