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Lake Utopia Paper completes annual shutdown

Lake Utopia Paper has successfully completed a seven-day shutdown in Utopia, New Brunswick. The shutdown was required for annual maintenance across the mill and to allow for the final phase of a significant capital improvement project (over $7 million investment) to be completed. The work will continue to ensure the safe and reliable operation of one of Charlotte County’s largest employers.

“It’s important for our business to continually invest in our operations. Pulp and Paper mills are very capital intense and without a focus on regular maintenance, safety and equipment reliability can be jeopardized,” says Dale Chaffey, Mill Manager for Lake Utopia Paper. “By continuing to invest in the mill and proactively maintain the equipment, our employees can see the long-term commitment being made to ensure a solid future for them and their families.”

At the peak of the shutdown over 250 employees and contractors were on-site including millwrights, welders, pipefitters, electricians and instrumentation specialists.

"Our mill plays a key role in the forest products integrated supply chain in New Brunswick and without the support of our contracted resources we could not effectively execute a shutdown of this size. Thank you to everyone for the hard work to make this shutdown a success," says Chaffey.