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Careers In Motion: Our Student Experiences

For Joanna Yang, pursuing a degree in Management Engineering program was an obvious choice. She is passionate about business and technology and has a natural talent for problem solving. Now, in her fourth co-op placement in a business improvement role, she chose Saint John, NB to call home for the summer. We asked Joanna what drew her to Saint John and what she loves about the Careers In Motion program so far.

What inspired you to apply to the Transportation & Logistics Division's Careers In Motion program? 

“The Transportation & Logistics CIM program really appealed to me because of the wide variety of businesses and the opportunities to learn from experts in the industry. Usually during co-op, you learn about one business, but here, you get to learn about ten unique businesses [belonging to JDI's Transportation & Logistics group]! I am developing an understanding of each of the businesses' operations and how they work together to service customers, which has broadened my knowledge of the industry. Logistics, supply chain, and transportation are all interconnected under this division.”

What are some highlights of your experience so far? 

“I have been able to lead projects and meetings, which has been really rewarding. I like starting a project from scratch and then seeing it come to life. Even though I am a student, I feel like my opinions are valued and trusted in discussions and projects. I have also had opportunities to tour the various businesses, and it has been fascinating to see the assets operating in real life."

Tell us about your mentor.

“This is my first time experiencing a formalized mentorship program in a co-op placement. Having Vanessa [Keating] as a mentor has been wonderful. From being patient with me whenever I drop into her office with questions, to developing my understanding of concepts such as change management, I really could not have asked for a better mentor. I appreciate how the CIM program connects students with mentors to help students grow professionally.”

What's next for Joanna? She will be returning to Waterloo for her third year of study. 

The Careers In Motion program exposes students to JDI's transportation operations and offers them the chance to present to the key business leaders at the end of their terms. By highlighting the talent of students such as Joanna, there is an opportunity to fill talent pipelines and attract exceptional new graduates to the company. 

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