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Careers in Motion: Our Student Experience

Our student program continues to attract talented employees like Julien.

Julien Tetegan is a Bachelor of Science student with a dual major in Mechanical Engineering and Computing Technology at the University of Ottawa. He is working this summer as a Customer Service Student at Irving Consumer Products in Dieppe, New Brunswick.

Julien knew engineering was in his future as a child when he would spend hours building Lego. He’s always had a passion to build things and develop new ideas. This summer he is receiving hands-on work experience that will help him work towards his career goals.

Why did you choose J.D. Irving?

As a student, I thought it would be a great work experience to learn what it’s like to work in a large corporate environment. I knew J.D. Irving was the best choice for me since they are one of the largest employers in New Brunswick.

How do you apply your current skill set and expand upon new skills in your position?

I am working on large complex projects that require a lot of processes to manage correctly. This gives me insight into how to improve as an engineer.

What has been the best aspect of your term this summer?

It has been a fascinating experience this summer to learn the range of different positions, professions and departments needed to run a large company. I’m interested in learning about the different roles and responsibilities across the company. I didn’t know most of the professions existed. It has opened my eyes to the different kind of work opportunities that exist in the world.

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