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Celebrating Safety – Lake Utopia Paper

Lake Utopia Paper is celebrating 365 days without a Recordable Incident as of January 20, 2023. This major safety milestone was achieved by a dedicated team committed to prioritizing a safe working environment every day. 

“Achieving a zero recordable incident rate is the result of hard work by the entire team to improve our safety culture,” says Dale Chaffey, Mill Manager of Lake Utopia Paper. “Without each and every one exercising ongoing diligence and commitment, this significant safety milestone would not have been possible. Thank you and congratulations to everyone!” 

The Lake Utopia Paper team is very proud of this safety accomplishment and the safety culture that the mill has developed. Safety is an integral part of our success and by emphasizing a safety-first mindset, we continuously maintain a high level of awareness and commitment. 

“Our goal, with the support of the joint health and safety committee, is to continue to proactively develop our culture to create an injury free workplace over the long term. By working together we will ensure everyone goes home safe at the end of every day,” says Chaffey.

Lake Utopia Paper is the second pulp and paper mill within J.D. Irving, Limited to achieve a major safety milestone this past year. In May 2022, Irving Tissue Saint John celebrated 365 days with no lost time accidents.