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Congratulations 2024 Graduates!

J.D. Irving, Limited extends its warmest congratulations to all recent graduates, recognizing the hard work and dedication which led to this significant milestone.

These new employees have recently graduated from post-secondary education and have demonstrated outstanding performance and potential during their work terms. They have earned the opportunity to continue their professional growth within the organization.

The company would like to welcome its 40 new employees who have transitioned from students to full time employees.

Pulp and Paper Division:

  • Mia Secord
  • Thomas Vickers
  • Riley Glendenning
  • Nick Burns
  • Jackson Dennis
  • Julia MacPherson
  • Robsandro Vilete Martins
  • Brady Cornish
  • Ben Morgan
  • Nahum Goodfellow
  • Zach Johnson
  • Chris MacLeod
  • Alexander Charlton
  • Tommy Kingston
  • Josh Bowling
  • Abdul Hamed Beski
  • Camron Smith
  • Ben Keenan

Transportation & Logistics Division

  • Alex Kerr
  • Brennan Curwen
  • Abigail Cramm
  • Tyler Jenkins
  • Manan Patel

Midland Transport

  • Kushal Patel
  • Shima Shetty

Woodlands Division

  • Leigh Tabor
  • Raymond Hazell

J.D. Irving, Limited - Moncton Corporate Division

  • Max Contello
  • Emily Patterson
  • Alejandra Pena Villarroel

J.D. Irving, Limited - Saint John Corporate Division

  • Abigail Forestell
  • Anna Rust
  • Bradley Roy
  • Jake Cropley
  • Jack Adams
  • Kelson Hilchie
  • Julia Clark
  • Ethan Ross

Construction and Equipment Division

  • Meaghan Flinn
  • Luke Burke
  • Wolfgang Duchtel

Irving Ship Building

  • Julianna Sheehan

Irving Consumer Products

  • Alexander Argiropoulos
  • Ayesha Alam
  • Sandy Thaithaworn
  • Emilie Pichon
  • Philip Grimes
  • Natalie Barerra

J.D. Irving, Limited remains dedicated to providing opportunities for growth. As these new employees step into their roles, the company looks forward to supporting their continued success and contributing to their professional journey.


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