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Distress Call Leads to At-Sea Rescue by Atlantic Towing Crews

On Monday, August 8, the Atlantic Griffon safely rescued seven crew members and two dogs from a sinking fishing vessel off the coast of St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador. 

For two Atlantic Towing platform supply vessels, it came down to being in the right place at the right time. The Atlantic Griffon and Atlantic Shrike were stationed near St. John's when they picked up a radio transmission from a nearby vessel. A fishing boat, the Gypsy Mariner, had lost power and was taking on water. The vessels immediately contacted the Coast Guard, and at 1:10 AM, they were tasked to respond to the distress call. 

After sailing for 98 minutes, the Griffon was the first on-scene, finding the Gypsy Mariner listing heavily to port and continuing to take on water. An airplane and helicopter arrived soon after, followed by the Shrike and the Canadian Coast Guard vessel, the CCGS Sacred Bay. The Master of the Atlantic Griffon made the decision to deploy the Fast Rescue Craft (FRC) and bring the Gypsy's crew aboard, which was completed in two trips. 

Once the seven crew members, including the Captain and Mate, and their two dogs were aboard the Griffon, they made their way to the ship's bridge to call family and loved ones. They departed for home soon after, while the Sacred Bay remained with the sinking fishing boat. The Atlantic GriffonShrike and the rescued crew sailed into St. John's at approximately 10:00 AM, with all persons accounted for. 

It was a textbook case for a marine rescue, says Tom Swift, Operations Manager with Atlantic Towing: 

"Working in the offshore can be an extremely dangerous environment. We were fortunate to have the tools, equipment, people and training to respond effectively and ensure a good outcome. Our crews reacted quickly and effectively, and thankfully everyone made it home safely."

At this time, we thank the seafarers serving aboard the Atlantic Griffin for their quick action, along with the Atlantic Shrike and Canadian Coast Guard. Our thoughts are with the rescued crew, their families and communities.