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Dixfield Sawmill launches new baled shavings product

Irving Forest Product's Dixfield, Maine sawmill is enhancing its offerings by introducing baled wood shavings as part of their value-added products. This is the first and only Irving-owned sawmill to offer baled shavings.

For years, the Dixfield sawmill has sold wood shavings from the lumber manufacturing process for uses like animal bedding, racetrack padding and pathways. Now, the mill is packaging this product, making it easier to transport and keep dry.

Baling provides many benefits. It stores better – including outdoors – is water resistant and improves the shavings’ longevity. The bales are also easier to handle than bulk loose purchases.

IMG_0907 (1).JPG

These shavings are made with 100 per cent kiln-dried Eastern white pine, the highest quality species of shavings for farm and sport animals. 

Baled shavings are now available for purchase from the Dixfield mill. Interested customers should contact for pricing and ordering.