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Find adventure in your own backyard!

This long weekend, we have your day trip covered. 

Across lands we own and manage, our voluntary, award-winning conservation program encompasses almost 1,900 sites. Some of these, including waterfalls, nature trails, and impressive mountain vistas, can improve your well-being just by visiting them. You can find sites which fall in all three of these categories just a short drive from both Fredericton and Saint John! Here are some sites you should mark on your map this week: 

Sand Brook Falls

Sand Brook Falls, located near South Oromocto Lake, is an easy half-kilometer walk from an 11 km logging road. The rock is carved out of coarse grained granite of the late Devonian period that this area of New Brunswick is known for. The tea-coloured, tannin-rich water of Sand Brook is especially deep at the base of the waterfall, which allows for a refreshing swim for those who can handle the cool temperature! 

Please do not dive from the edge of the falls into the pool, as the deep hole is small and easy to miss. 

Couloumbs Road Waterfall & Canyon

2.3 kilometers north of Bald Mountain Peak Lookout is the starting point of this important geologically area. This 1.2km stretch of watercourse runs into Three Bridge Brook and includes several small waterfalls that are encompassed within a ruggedly beautiful canyon. You can find the path alongside the brook at 45 deg 29.057', -66 deg 29.043', located off some branch roads off Coulombs Road. 

Bald Peak Mountain

This trail and mountain vista is near Clarendon, NB, and is a fairly easy hike through mixed wood stands. The views from the top are second to none in this part of the province, with a broad view of other peaks to the north and west. Time your hike for sunset and bring a camera to capture this extra special panorama. Be prepared to see turkey vultures as they catch thermals from the mountains and soar right over your head!

At all of these beautiful locations, be sure to take only pictures and leave only footprints to help us conserve these important areas of ecological significance. We hope you enjoy your adventure.