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Grand River Pellets Marks Grand Opening with Expanded Production and Green Energy Focus

Grand River Pellets recently held a grand re-opening to celebrate a state-of-the-art, $30 million expansion which has resulted in greater production capacity and a stronger focus on green energy. 

Originally commissioned in 2019 with an annual pellet production capacity of 100,000 tonnes, the Grand River Pellet plant has more than doubled its production capacity to 220,000 tonnes per year. 

The pellets are a sustainable, low-carbon product consisting of bi-products from sawmilling operation. 

Currently, the pellets manufactured at Grand River Pellets are destined for Danish customers which will greatly support that country's transition away from coal. The pellets are responsible for displacing over 400,00 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year, which is equivalent to removing over 85,000 Canadian vehicles from the road.  

"This move towards sustainable heating fuels aligned perfectly with Denmark and the European Union's ambitions decarbonization strategy and pursuit of a net-zero future," said Nick MacGougan, General Manager of Grand River Pellets. "We are proud to contribute to a greener global economy and, as these pellets will be exported through the efficient Port of Belledune, the local economy as well."

Wood-based biomass pellets, along with other forms of biomass, represent over 60% of Europe's renewable energy production. This figure surpasses the combined contributions of the other renewable sources like hydro, solar, and wind power. 

"As the world takes crucial steps towards a greener and more sustainable future, Grand River Pellets' grand opening signifies a promising stride in the right direction, with biomass being a critical part of the renewable energy landscape. We are proud to contribute to the hear of St. Leonard, New Brunswick." said Nicholas MacGougan, General Manager of Grand River Pellets.