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Irving Woodlands welcomes tree planters

Nearly 100 tree planters will be hard at work in the woods this season planting the future forest. They play an important role in Irving Woodlands' mission of sustainability and environmental stewardship.

An experienced tree planter can plant an average of 2,000 seedlings per day, helping to maintain the continuous cycle of harvest and renewal of the working forest. In 2023, the company’s dedicated tree planting team planted almost 18 million seedlings, contributing to a total of more than one billion trees planted since 1957.

Thanks to 40 years of research and investments in tree improvement, the seedlings being planted today come from a genetically diverse mix of six different climate-resilient softwood species that are naturally inoculated to be pest-resistant. This ensures their long-term viability in the face of environmental challenges. 

Tree planting directly contributes to the global effort to combat climate change. Growing more wood than is harvested means there is more carbon removal and storage.

Sustainable forestry practices, tree planting initiatives and the active management of the working forest play pivotal roles in fostering economic growth, supporting local communities and conserving the environment.