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JDI Generations – Meet the Sheppard/Smith Family

Meet Teri Lynn Sheppard and her two children, Jessica and Jonny. Teri Lynn is a Claims Coordinator at Irving Shipbuilding. Her daughter Jessica Smith is a Team Lead for Human Resources Data and Payroll and has been with Irving Shipbuilding for four years. Her son Jonny Smith is a Warehouseperson/Painter and has been with the company for three years.  


We are proud to work for a local company that’s making a difference for generations to come,” says Teri Lynn. It's great - we all get to brag about the Irving accomplishments at Sunday Dinner! Jess and Jonny are both hard-working professionals who are dependable, motivated, and care about others.” 



As for Jessica and Jonny, the two are proud of their mother and the lessons she has taught them.  


“We always feel proud when we hear her name mentioned at work. It's a really cool experience,” says Jessica. 


Jonny echoes his sister’s admiration for their mother. “Our mom always taught us that it didn't matter what you did or how good you did, what mattered is that you were kind. I think everyone who meets her knows that trait about her.” 



When asked about Mother’s Day celebrations, the trio agreed that their Mother’s Day brunch and family game nights are their favourite activities to enjoy together.  


“Since we were young, even to today, we always have a fun time. We just don’t play Monopoly often anymore – the name for that is ‘fight in a box!'”