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JDI IT expands Fredericton office

JDI IT’s Fredericton, NB office is expanding, providing both local and international talent a place to grow their careers. 

Offering frontline technology support for all J.D. Irving, Limited companies, the division first set up in Fredericton in 2019 as a Service Desk to bolster its Saint John headquarters. As the workforce grows, the division is not only tapping into the local Fredericton talent pool, but also attracting talent from abroad to build technical depth.  

Daniel Bulgarelli and Vinicius Cavalheiro are two of the newcomers who’ve brought their talents to the Fredericton IT team. Both immigrated to New Brunswick from Brazil with their families about three months ago. 

Bulgarelli came to JDI IT with than 20 years of experience and has taken a role as a senior technical resource with the company. The new opportunity has allowed him to keep working in his chosen field in his chosen country. 

“I’m very happy to be here in Canada working for JDI and working in the area that I have experience. It’s very good to continue to grow in my career,” Bulgarelli said. 


Cavalheiro is also a senior technical resource who says he wanted to come to Canada for the security it offered compared to his home country.  

More and more companies are drawn to information and data,” Cavalheiro said. “I have a chance to work in a company with cutting edge technologies and work to transform this data into useful information.” 

For Jillian Seymour, who supports the Sawmills Division within JDI IT, the Fredericton office expansion has given her a chance to move into a leadership position with the company in her home community. It’s also allowed her to learn about other fields of work within J.D. Irving, Limited that she otherwise may not have been exposed to, she said. 



Emma Clark, Senior Director of Business Management with JDI IT, said that expanding the division’s geographical footprint has enabled it to deepen its technical workforce. The division has been successful in attracting experienced technical talent while also enhancing the division’s student program with the University of New Brunswick, she added. 

“Expanding in Fredericton offers a chance to showcase the unique career opportunities we have,” Clark said. “Not only do you go deep in technology, but you get to experience delivering value across multiple industries.”

About JDI IT 

JDI IT is a diverse team of more than 350 employees that supports the entire J.D. Irving, Limited group of companies across a wide breadth of IT areas, businesses and industries from forestry to transportation to shipbuilding. 

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