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JDI Remembers our veterans

J.D. Irving, Limited understands the importance of remembering those who served and sacrificed. That’s why the company supports local communities in their efforts to honour servicemen and women. Lest we forget.

Pine crosses for the Saint John Legion

Earlier this year JDI’s Sawmills division donated 3000 feet of pine boards to the Saint John Legion Lancaster Branch #69 to help build white crosses to be placed on the graves of veterans on Saint John’s west side.

Legion member and project lead, Henry D’Eon, has built 2,000 white crosses so far with a goal to place a white cross on the grave of every veteran in Saint John. Henry believes that continuing to remember and honour the fallen is extremely important and marking their graves with a white cross is one way to ensure that we always do.


Remembrance banners in Saint John

The Legion and their partners are once again flying banners honouring veterans on telephone poles and in malls around the city. This gesture will serve as a memorial and an expression of gratitude to the men and women who have made such significant sacrifices. One of the banners depicts K.C. Irving, a veteran of the first world war. JDI is proud to help ensure these banners are put up in as many places as possible.

“This program is very important because these individuals that are being featured on the banners are members of families, churches, organizations, community groups. They worked for businesses, they were labourers and professionals. In a sense, every time we see their photographs on these banners, we have to remember that they were perhaps a brother or a father, and their families were affected as well.” – Bernard Cormier, Chairman of the Saint John Remembrance Day Committee