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National Road Safety Week: Using Innovation to Promote Safety

National Road Safety Week focuses on initiatives across the country that promote safe road-usage, protecting drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

In March, RST and Sunbury launched Idelic, a program that analyzes driver data to better understand Professional Drivers' performance and risk profiles while on the road.  

The Idelic system identifies which drivers are most at-risk for a preventable crash, why they are at-risk and what behaviours are placing them in risk categories that may benefit from individual support. This feedback better equips staff to identify drivers at the greatest risk of an accident and offer coaching and personal development opportunities. 

To promote the change, the teams at RST and Sunbury held a competition between operating divisions to see who could best manage risk scores, assign performance development plans, communicate the value and importance of the system with drivers and improve overall safety performance of the fleet. As a result, they saw a huge improvement in their fleet’s risk scores. 

Since the event, RST and Sunbury have seen an 8% reduction in overall fleet average risk scores and a 61% reduction in high risk (80+ risk) scores.

Although RST and Sunbury’s Professional Drivers operate in unpredictable environments, the businesses are proud to maintain an accident rate well below the industry average.

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Idelic pulls information from systems already implemented, leveraging digital improvements RST and Sunbury have been making for years as part of their long-term safety plan.

In-cab tablet technology:

  • RST and Sunbury’s combined fleet of 587 trucks is largely equipped with a state-of-the art satellite communications system and in-cab tablets. Drivers are connected to the office with up-to-date information using Microsoft Teams and can stay in-the-know with the use of maps, weather alerts, travel information (i.e., Confederation Bridge app) as well as specific customer locations and loading requirements. Additionally, the tablets are designed to provide access to policies, procedures, safety documents, training videos and online programs, revolutionizing the way a remote driver workforce operates.


  • Omnitracs One sends the businesses in-depth performance data, fault codes and critical event reports associated with each leg of a trip. This allows for better fuel efficiency, incident management, risk assessments and coaching. 
  • Sunbury and RST also utilize tracking devices to access full trailer fleet visibility, allowing an understanding of empty trailers on-demand, leading to an improvement in empty miles. The state of the trailer including if it's loaded or empty, as well as the temperature and humidity are also available remotely. This allows office staff and Professional Drivers to work together to take exceptional care of customer freight and reduce claim costs. 

Event Recorders:

  • RST and Sunbury use in-cab event recorders to ensure Professional Drivers are supported before, during and after their trips. Staff use these recordings only in the event of an incident. 



With more than 70 years of experience, Sunbury Transport and RST Industries draw on exceptional teams of Professional Drivers to keep our roadways safe while providing diverse and innovative trucking services. RST Industries and Sunbury Transport are proudly part of the Transportation & Logistics Division of J.D. Irving, Limited.

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