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Out with the old and in with the new at Grand Lake Timber

Grand Lake Timber has invested in new equipment which will help increase the mill's productivity, allowing more logs to be processed and increasing overall output. The equipment, called a wave feeder, will replace the existing equipment which was older and therefore required significant maintenance and downtime. This new wave feeder is much larger and more robust allowing more of the crew's time to be allocated to other tasks in the mill.

Being a larger piece of equipment, the new wave feeder presented a challenge when it came to installation. In order to get it in place, a piece of the mill's roof had to be removed and a large crane was needed to lift the old machine out and place the new machine in. Thanks to the large lift experts at Irving Equipment, who provided the lift capacity necessary to complete the project, this challenge was overcome and the new machine was successfully installed. 


J.D. Irving, Limited and the Sawmills Division are dedicated to making improvements to constantly advance productivity and improve operations. With investments such as the new wave feeder, the company can ensure a safer and more productive work site.

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