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Over 135 Employee Child Scholarships Awarded

We are pleased to announces this year's recipients of the J.D. Irving, Limited Employee Child Scholarships. 

Each year, each of our business divisions award scholarships to students pursuing post-secondary education whose parents are part of the JDI team.  This year, that means we are investing more than $135,000 in the education of our employees' children and in the future of the communities where we live and work.  

These students are either entering or returning to post-secondary institutions full-time this September. Recipients represent 46 universities, colleges and training institutes across Canada and the U.S..

"We have proudly been supporting the employee child scholarship program for a long time. We have outstanding employees and finding ways to encourage their families' investment in education is important to us," says Linda Speedy, Vice President of Human Resources. "We hire over 900 students each year and the employee child scholarships are a wonderful opportunity to engage with the next generations of leaders. We are excited to see the potential of these inspiring students."

We would like to wish these students, and everyone returning to the classroom, a happy and healthy school year. 

Below are the names of all the students who received scholarships from all J.D. Irving, Limited divisions.

J.D. Irving, Limited (Corporate Division)

Ethan Lavoie
Cameron Smith
Janelle Comeau
Marissa Gilbert
Katelyn Roger
Tyler Bishop
Peyton Schmidt
Hannah Wheaton
Rebecca Reid
Grace Anderson


Pulp & Paper Division

Madeline Parlee
Ken Valentine
Mackenzie Warman
Liam Robson
Jasmine Morneau
Rebecca Dupuis
Ethan Alward



Aidean Sterling
Brayden Kirev
Chloe Greenan
Dylan Evans
Eulalie King
Hannah Silliker


J.D. Irving - Moncton Group

Libby Rollin


Construction & Equipment Division

Nick Ritchie 
Ashley Murty
Ben Wilson
Hannah Montreuil
Kristopher MacDonald
Meghan Curran
Mary Deschenes


Retail Division

SungEun Yi
Olivier Ouellet
Hailey Sisk
Hillary Dobbin
Maia Sloan
Amber Kelly
Grace MacDonald


Woodlands Division

Angela Carpenter
Barbara (Lizzy) Carpenter
Jack Corbett
Hailee Cunningham
Morgan Cyr
Cloe Dorion
Bryson Ellis
Lauren Knox
Kelten Fawcett
Gabriel Fortin
Grace  Fournier
Michael Gilmore
Samuel Lawless
Marie-Helene Lebel
Sebastien Lebel
Brielle Parise
Patrick Pellerin
Matthew Ritchie
Anna Rust
Mykaela Sherry
Leigh Tabor
Lillian Taviss
Macey Thibodeau
Vanessa Thomsen
Benjamin  Young
Peter Young
William  Young


Transportation & Logistics Division

Ethan Crowley
Griffin Hickman
Jordan Knudson
Katrina Konecny
Jessica Palmer
Kate Henderson
Monique Polchies
Amelia Mercer


Irving Consumer Products

Hana Dragoshi
Sonia Kooner
Jade Moussa
Anjali Saini
Ashton Wong
Brandon Firlotte
Julie Allain
Rebecca Dawson


Sawmills Division

Abigale  Lovely
Adelaide Dunfield
Alexi Caron
Allison Stilwell
Amelie Pelletier
Amelie Clavette
Blake Totton
Breton Lambert
Cassandra Smyth
Chloe Cyr-Roncetti
Chloe Roy
Cindy Lavoie
Colby Burnham
Cole Brown
Danika Raymond
Deryk Collins
Destiny Urdsick
Dylan Chiasson
Ember Warren
Gabriel Poirier
Gabrielle Arsenault
Grace McNulty
Hannah Coleman
Isabella Doherty
Jade O'Toole
Jennifer Gagne
Jeremy Martin
Joanie Pelletier
Joanie Hache
Joey Lapointe
Justin Thibault
Lauren Knox
Maika Theriault
Marie  Grimm
Megan McLellan
Melodie St-Amand
Mylene Levesque
Raphael Lord
Ryan Boudreau
Samuel Michaud
Scott Smyth
Sydney Philbrook
Veronik Duguay
Zachery Fullerton


Irving Shipbuilding

Allison Murphy
Marie Anthony-Watts
Jinwon Lee
Etain Davidson



Abby Kane
Arshia Ahir 
Alexander Tabachnik
Mariia Kamenshchkova 
Joelle Leger
Luc St Coeur 
Reegan Hiscock