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Recognizing World Wildlife Day

Sustainability is our business and a large part of that is making sure that the biodiversity around us is maintained. 

Across New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Maine, 23% of the forest lands we own or manage have a primary objective of conservation. From nesting sites and watercourse protection to staging/breeding sites, dens and more, our foresters are trained annually to identify and conserve a range of habitats. This way, the natural biodiversity of these areas will thrive for generations to come.

The Irving Nature Park and La Dune de Bouctouche are parks owned, gifted and maintained by us with a commitment to help protect environmentally significant areas. These special areas on the coast allow locals and tourists to experience the gift of nature and the various ecosystems of New Brunswick's coastlines. Each offers a blend of recreational opportunities and learning experiences. 

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As 2022 came to a close, our voluntary, award-winning conservation program hit a milestone with 2,000 conservation sites. We are also proud to have committed 10,000 hectares of Acadian forest, dunes and coastline for conservation. These lands encompass many unique areas, and provide habitat for animals such as moose, pine marten, wood ducks, great blue herons and more. 

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