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Safety Record-Breaker: 8 Years, No Lost-Time Incidents at Irving Wallboard

As of February 10, 2023, Irving Wallboard has surpassed its safety record: eight years without a lost-time incident (LTI). This impressive milestone translates to 96 months, 416 weeks, 2,920 days, or more than 1.7 million hours — all accident-free! 

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Not only is this the longest-running safety record in the J. D. Irving, Limited Construction and Equipment Division, but it's also the longest record throughout the entire JDI family of companies.


“At Irving Wallboard, we don't take a top-down approach to safety compliance," said David Irving, General Manager. "We have achieved this milestone because the team encourages and manages themselves — they own safety."

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The safety record was made possible by a dedicated focus and ongoing commitment by management and employees to keep one another safe on the job. To provide the employees with the tools they need to succeed, daily safety meetings and pre-task planning help ensure a clear understanding and care around the potential hazards on the job.


"Safety is at the heart of everything we do at Irving Wallboard. Together, we have built a workplace safety culture that is self-sustaining," said Irving.


Safety is key to business operations at Irving Wallboard. As a core business value, we are committed to building a productive environment that fosters an accident-free workplace. At J.D. Irving, Limited, safety is an integral part of all our businesses’ successes.


The entire Irving Wallboard team celebrated the safety milestone with a meal and a gift of commemorative jackets.


About Irving Wallboard

Irving Wallboard is a highly automated manufacturing facility in Saint John, New Brunswick, that provides a broad range of gypsum wallboard products for use in the construction industry. The company produces top-quality wallboard in a 300,000-square-foot production plant, one of North America's newest and most modern manufacturing facilities. From residential to commercial, Irving Wallboard produces a full array of products in widths up to 54 inches with multiple lengths and edge details.


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