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A Fresh Take on Classic Cavendish Farms Flavour

Cavendish Farms has introduced three new varieties to their line of FlavourCrisp products. The next time you are grocery shopping, keep an eye out for Herb and Garlic, Fiery Cajun, and Crispy Classic in the frozen food aisle!

From classic family favorites to adding a “kick” to your dinner plate, the FlavourCrisp line of potato wedges has something for everyone. Not to mention, our FlavourCrisp potato wedges have zero trans-fat and are naturally cholesterol-free, so you can enjoy your favorite side-dish, guilt-free.

Cavendish Farms uses carefully selected, premium potatoes to achieve a fresh and unique taste. Although their products extend across the world, Cavendish Farms remains a family-owned Atlantic Canadian company who takes pride in their potatoes from farm, to table.

Cavendish farms employs a team of over 900 at its three quality frozen potato production facilities on Prince Edward Island, Alberta, and North Dakota and the company is hiring.  Check out careers at Cavendish.

To learn more about Cavendish Farms, visit their website. 

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