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A Sibling's Story - Meet the Price brothers!


It's not every day you get to work alongside your favorite sibling, but the Price brothers got lucky! This duo was born and raised in Corner Brook, NL before moving to New Brunswick.

With a combined 36 years working with J.D. Irving, Dennis and Jason Price have worked in various positions since they started with the company.

 Price Brothers 1


Dennis' "much" older brother, Jason, began his journey with JDI 22 years ago where he started as a Tree Planting Supervisor! From there, he held a position as a Supervisor in the Woodlands Division as well as an HR Manager. Most recently, Jason is now a Sawmill Manager with our Sawmills Division. 

Jason moved to New Brunswick in 1998, and little brother, Dennis followed shortly after. He moved in 2002 to take the Forestry and Environmental Management program at the University of New Brunswick. During that time, he worked as a Tree Planter for JDI. Since then, Dennis holds multiple roles with the Woodlands Division, including Supervisor, Operations Superintendent and is now the Recruitment and Continuous Improvement Superintendent. 

Besides working in the same regional area, Jason and Dennis don't necessarily get to work together every day. Only when projects overlap, such as Covid-19. Jason and Dennis have helped ensure our Woodlands offices are implementing the best health and safety practices - including working safely with 6 feet/2 metres of separation.

 Price Brothers 2


Interviewer: What was your favorite thing to do together when you were younger?

Dennis: Ride on the back of Jason's motorbike on the way to soccer!

Jason: Fishing!

Interviewer: Do you have any memories that stand out when working together?

Jason: Dennis was in charge of the harvesters in the woods making stud-wood for my mill and like any good manager you always ask for better quality.  For dramatic effect, I told Dennis I was going to tell Mom if he didn’t get his quality improved.

Dennis: I would say it's when he got my mom to get me to fix my log quality!  

Interviewer: What is your favorite part about getting to work within the same organization? 

Dennis: Having someone to share and celebrate in all the successes, and someone who knows you so well that can give that much needed guidance. 

Jason:   I would have to say it’s the pride I feel seeing my younger brother succeed in his various roles in the company.  He’s a guy that gets stuff done quickly and I like that a lot!

We are so fortunate to have so many families who work together everyday. Continue to follow our JDI Generations stories!