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A Unique Intern Experience With JDI Woodlands and Sawmill Divisions

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J.D. Irving, Limited’s (JDI) Woodlands and Sawmill Divisions welcomed 11 students from three universities and one college into their operations this summer to give them an inside look at the opportunities within our company.

JDI is committed to providing well-rounded learning opportunities for students. Our Woodlands and Sawmill internship program provides students with experiences not typical for the average summer job. 


From the ground up, the e internship program allows  students to spend time in different areas of our operations. Students experience everything from conservation and forestry science to block planning and harvesting  as well as forest products - all in one summer!

“This internship program provides students with the opportunity to experience a variety of potential careers within our divisions,” said Dave Corbett, Recruitment and Development Champion. “They work alongside mentors who are there to teach and coach them on the different roles. This helps to provide the students with a broad knowledge of the operations and opportunities.”

This allows the interns to head back to school with a better understanding of the opportunities available within our forest sector operations. Our hope is that our students will leave their work term with a better understanding of the direction they wish to follow after their education.

Interested in a summer internship with JDI? Be sure to keep a close eye on your school’s co-op listings.

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