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Another First for Kent Homes!

Kent Homes is the first builder in Atlantic Canada to deliver ENERGY STAR certified homes.

In addition to the standard energy-saving features such as windows and insulation, the homes are equipped with  major appliances and other energy-using equipment that meet the strict qualifications for top high-efficiency performers in their category. 

"This is a true first for Kent Homes, because the recognition is not just among manufactured houses, but among all home builders in the region," said David Saucy, General Manager of Kent Homes.  “The ENERGY STAR designation complements our superior EnerGuide ratings, giving customers confidence that they are choosing the best in energy efficiency for their homes."

Kent Homes was recognized earlier this year for leadership in energy efficiency by the Province of New Brunswick. The company received the Residential Energy Efficiency Champion Award for its continuous improvement in energy efficiency and better environmental performance in every home it builds.

The first two homes to be granted ENERGY STAR qualification in Atlantic Canada are in Nova Scotia:
1. John and Claire Ford's home in Colchester, Nova Scotia.  The Fords’ home was built by Kent Homes partner Harmony Grove Homes, based in Truro, Nova Scotia.
2. Phil and Kimberly Dunbar's home in Mount Uniacke, East Hants County. The Dunbars’ home was built by Kent Homes partner Grandview Homes, based in Sackville and Amherst, Nova Scotia.

"We are very pleased with our new home," said Kimberly Dunbar. "We are looking forward to significant reductions in our heating bill this winter.  And the energy-efficient air conditioning has been a blessing so far this summer."

"I prefer to only build the best homes available for our clients, and that includes upgrade insulation, heat pumps, and making sure every home gets at least an E85 rating," said Rod Rhindress, owner of Grandview Homes. "The capital costs of building an Energy Star home will be repaid year after year in energy savings."

Grandview Homes started in 1993 and has been an exclusive builder for Kent Homes since then.

Harmony Grove Homes in Truro Nova Scotia is the Kent Homes Retailer for Colchester County and surrounding counties of Cumberland, Pictou, Halifax, and Hants.

"We are the first Kent Homes retailer in Atlantic Canada to display an ENERGY STAR rated model home at our location in Truro," said Ray Rieksts, owner of Harmony Grove Homes. "The ENERGY STAR option is one of many energy-saving features that we offer to meet our customers’ needs."

"Kent Homes has demonstrated a real tenacity in its quest to understand energy efficiency in new home construction, and to implement key measures into their housing stock," said Alan Stewart, Manager of New Housing at Sustainable Housing.  "Additionally, their commitment to having their homes tested by us, an independent third party, shows that they are willing to prove this to prospective homeowners.  Being the first home builder in Atlantic Canada to build houses to the new EnergyStar standard is another testament to their dedication to energy efficiency."

Kent Homes is proud to offer the most energy-efficient line of homes manufactured in Atlantic Canada, providing a rating of at least EnerGuide-83 with all its standard homes.

Comparing the average home today at an EnerGuide-77 rating, a Kent Home with an EnerGuide-83 rating can reduce energy consumption by 25 percent and save homeowners more than $900 per year*. Kent Homes can also exceed the EnerGuide-83 rating and reach levels of 85, 86, 87 or more based on additional options.

Kent Homes, a division of J.D. Irving, Limited, employs over 200 workers in its Bouctouche, NB plant, producing the highest quality products and services in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible manner.

About Kent Homes’ energy-efficient features:
• Lower electricity bills every month, with standard features such as compact fluorescent lighting
• Comfortable living year-round with a ductless heat pump for improved heating efficiencies and cooling
• Enhanced and controlled indoor air quality with a heat recovery ventilator to deliver fresh filtered air to help reduce dust, odours, and indoor contaminants while managing the internal moisture in your home
• Lower maintenance costs with the use of durable materials
• Tight construction - special framing techniques such as a continuous air barrier and sealing of the building envelope help reduce leaks and drafts
Other options that are available to reach even higher efficiency levels:
• Higher insulation levels
• Heat recovery water drainage systems
• Solar panels
• Alternate heating systems
• Low consumption faucets and shower heads
Kent Homes is proud to have partnered with the following suppliers and associations that have worked tirelessly with our company to enable us to deliver energy-efficient homes to our customers:
• Efficiency NB
• Sustainable Housing
• Fujitsu – High efficiency mini split heat pumps
• Atlantic Windows – Low-E-Argon Windows
• Owens Corning – Insulation
For more information, download our Kent Homes Energy Efficiency [brochure]. 

ENERGY STAR is an international symbol of energy efficiency.  It is a partnership between government and industry that allows businesses and consumers to save money and protect the environment.

What is ENERGY STAR in Canada?
ENERGY STAR in Canada is a voluntary arrangement between Natural Resources Canada's (NRCan’s) Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE) and organizations that manufacture, sell, or promote products that meet the ENERGY STAR levels of energy performance.  It is administered by NRCan's OEE.

The ENERGY STAR symbol, where applicable, is found on the EnerGuide label.  While the EnerGuide label provides buyers with the ability to shop and compare energy ratings, ENERGY STAR goes one step further and identifies products that meet prescribed higher levels of energy efficiency.

ENERGY STAR complements EnerGuide
The EnerGuide for Equipment Program requires that EnerGuide labels be affixed to major household appliances to help the Canadian buying public compare the energy consumption of products sold in Canada.

The fundamental feature of ENERGY STAR is that it is an endorsement symbol for the most energy-efficient products sold in the marketplace.  The ENERGY STAR mark on the EnerGuide label plays a complementary role for applicable products - refrigerators, washers, dishwashers and room air conditioners; and it helps buyers identify the product as a top energy performer.

ENERGY STAR qualified products which will be labelled and promoted in Canada:
• major appliances
• residential heating, cooling and ventilation equipment
• office equipment
• consumer electronics
• windows and doors
• lighting
• commercial equipment

For more information about ENERGY STAR in Canada, visit the Natural Resources Canada website.


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*The annual savings are based upon annual average energy costs measured in kilowatt hours per year as estimated by a third-party consultant and will be dependent upon size, regional location, position, and cost of energy for each home.

(Left to right) Rod Rhindress, Owner of Grandview Homes, and Kimberly Dunbar, Homeowner

(Left to right) Zach, Claire, and John Ford, Homeowners; and Ray Rieksts, Owner of Harmony Grove Homes