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Canada's Agriculture Day - Let’s celebrate the food we love!

Do you ever ask yourself where your food comes from? And, what does it take to get it from the farm to your fork? At Cavendish Farms, bringing the goodness of the farm to homes is what we do best. We are proud to do it with a strong commitment to the land, to the community, and to the farmers who grow our food.

Today, as we celebrate Canada’s Agriculture Day, we want to recognize the farmers who supply us with high quality raw products. You have to start with the best to make the best! The relationships we share with family farms runs deep – they love what they do, and we love what they grow!

Growing the best potatoes, Spanish onions, wholesome sweet potatoes and zucchinis takes expertise. We are proud of our farmers for taking care of the environment while managing the crop throughout the growing season and after harvest. That’s why we established the Cavendish Farms Growing Green Award to help growers who demonstrate environmental leadership get the recognition and support they deserve. The inaugural award was presented last fall, with many more to come.

 Cavendish - Canada Agriculture Day - 2019 v2


Next time you enjoy Cavendish Farms’ French fries or delicious appetizers, remember the care and attention it took from our growers to get them onto your plate. Happy Canada’s Agriculture Day!

The videos below show you how we’ve been growing our best for almost four decades. Scroll over the map to discover each growing region.