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Careers In Motion: Our Student Experiences

The Transportation & Logistics Division is delivering impactful experiences for returning students like Tara Mackinnon.


Tara is studying Commerce with a minor in Political Science at Mount Allison University. She has returned for her second summer in the Careers In Motion program, working as the Logistics Coordinator with Universal Truck and Trailer. We spoke to Tara about her experience as a student and what's next for her following her term.  

Why did you return to the Careers in Motion program? 


"I like the program because I can gain exposure to the different businesses and gain a deeper knowledge of their operations, which has helped me understand my role and lead my own projects.” 


What JDI Values have resonated with you the most? 


"After working here two terms I can say that the Safety and Environment aspect of the job resonates the most. This industry really cannot operate without proper safety protocols. I place an emphasis on this part of the job, and I give friendly reminders to those around me to stay safe...Another value I identify with is People and Teamwork. I work closely with the team down on the floor at Universal Truck and Trailer, which has helped me in the process of documenting and conceptualizing the operations as I plan projects. My mentor and manager, Matt Swallow, is always willing to spark ideas and give helpful feedback to guide me in the right direction. After my second term working with this team, I have a good idea of what they are looking for and how I contribute to the business and make an impact."


How did your previous work term influence your work experience this summer? 


“When I returned for my second term, I was excited to see that the business had implemented my previous project - planning for our parts overflow warehouse - into the operations. This included my display board for organizing isle cleanup and 5S planning for warehouse markings and shadow boards. I got to see how my work last term contributed to the business process and build upon it further.”  


What's next?


“With this experience and support I can see myself working in the transportation industry upon graduation.” 


For the Transportation and Logistics Division, this is an example of how their program is successful in attracting and retaining student talent by providing them with a valuable and impactful work experience.  


The Careers In Motion program exposes students to JDI's transportation operations and offers them the chance to present to the key business leaders at the end of their terms. By highlighting the talent of students such as Joanna, there is an opportunity to fill talent pipelines and attract exceptional new graduates to the company. 

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