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Cavendish Farms’ Annual Growers Field Day


Sharing their potato research with growers from across the Maritimes.



The Cavendish Farms’ annual Growers Field Day was held in New Annan, Prince Edward Island on September 25. It’s an opportunity to share the positive results and knowledge that have been collected from the various research projects Cavendish Farms conducted over the past few years.  

 CF - Growers Day 1


Just short of 100 growers from across the Maritimes and guests from research institutes, the PEI Potato Board, the PEI Department of Agriculture, technical consultants and private companies attended the event. Held at a Cavendish Farms’ research fields, participants were led through a series of stations, each with their own research trials. 

 CF - Growers Day 2


“The field demonstrations showcase the knowledge that Cavendish Farms builds throughout the year and passes on to our farmers.  They in turn go back to their farms and adapt that knowledge,” said John MacQuarrie, Director, Environmental Sustainability. “We give them the tools to improve their yields and the quality of their potatoes.”


The 2019 field tours focused on new potato varieties, seed management, fertilizer trials and pollinators for crop rotations.


“This knowledge enables them to grow a successful crop and run a sustainable business,” said Newton Yorinori, Director, Plant Breeding, Seed Development and Research.

 CF - Growers Day 3


Cavendish Farms is using advanced techniques to develop potato varieties that are resistant to disease and passing this information on to growers.


“One positive example of sharing information with growers is Cavendish Farms’ research on a potato variety with scab disease tolerance,” said Yorinori. “Growers are now producing this variety commercially and are seeing higher yields with lower losses and are producing a better quality raw potato.”


Along with the growers and guests, J.D. Irving, Limited was also well represented at the annual Growers Field Day. Many employees from Cavendish Farms and Cavendish Agri Services participated in making the day a huge success.