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Cavendish Farms Sponsors Jamestown Speedway’s Fourth of July Firework Spectacular

Cavendish Farms was proud to sponsor Jamestown Speedway’s 2019 Fourth of July Firework Spectacular held on July 3. The annual community event follows a day of stock car racing at the local racetrack in the North Dakota community.

“This event is a community tradition,” said Tim Baldwin, Manager of the Jamestown Speedway. “The fireworks are displayed from the Jamestown Dam and residents line the streets to see the them.”

The community connection between Cavendish Farms and the Jamestown Speedway sparked the event sponsorship. Cavendish Farms has been supporting the speedway for the past 20 years through French fry donations to their concession stand.  

Previous event sponsors were unable to contribute to the event in 2019, which left the Jamestown Speedway unsure if it would be able to host the event this year.

When Matt Pederson, Director of Operations at Cavendish Farms Jamestown heard the Jamestown Speedway needed a partner for their 2019 fireworks, he knew Cavendish Farms needed to be involved.

“Growing up in Jamestown, the Fireworks Spectacular has been an important tradition,” said Pederson. “For Cavendish Farms and our employees, this partnership further reinforces our commitment to this community.”

“Our employees are phenomenal,” said Pederson. “They have a great sense of community pride and see value in our community investments and efforts as demonstrated through their support for the United Way.”

The Jamestown Speedway was thrilled to be able to host the Firework Spectacular again this year. “Thank you to Cavendish Farms and their employees for keeping the tradition alive.”