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Celebrating Black History Month

The time is now: Listen, Learn, Share and Act

This February we want to invite you to celebrate historic Black innovators that have contributed to the growth and production of all the sectors we operate in. Join us on our social media channels as we share the vast and diverse Black creators and movers that have shaped our industries. 

As we celebrate Black History Month, we must acknowledge for more than 400 years, Black communities have been fighting for an elusive equality that many of us take for granted on a daily basis.

Though we shine light on and share the Black movers and creators from our history, at J.D. Irving, Limited., we know that change requires more than sharing stories.  Devoting time, energy, and resources to listening, learning, and acting is what is needed.   Now is the time to actively contribute to the healing process and stand alongside Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) communities until justice, equality and inclusivity prevail.


Below, find ways to listen, learn, share and act virtually:



Black history in Canada

“The Future is Now”  National Theme and Artwork

Black History Month in Canada Public Archives


United States:

Tubman Museum,  Macon Georgia

Smithsonian Virtual Black History events

Google’s Black History and Culture virtual exhibit