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Celebrating Diversity on Multi-Cultural Day


Running a world-class company takes world class people. And world-class people come from all over the world. Today we're celebrating cultural diversity in our organization for Multi-Cultural Day. 

Drawn To My New Home 
From Kolkata, India, Dahlia Ghosh found herself in Canada as part of University of New Brunswick’s Master’s of Business Administration program. “I fell in love with this city and the people here,” Dahlia said. She returned to India and got married before coming back to Canada for a job with JDI. 

Dahlia was apart from her husband for three years while he completed the immigration process. The couple are now both happily living in Saint John, New Brunswick. “I was drawn to this city, I felt at home in this city. For that I have the greater community of Saint John to thank, but also my team at JDI; thank you for making this home.” 

A Sense of Belonging
Rajeev and Pria moved to New Brunswick from the United States three years ago with their four year old daughter. As the leader of IT Systems Integration and Database Management, Rajeev is leading integration and database administration activities, enterprise wide. Pria is driving key projects for the business as an IT Security Project Manager within JDI's IT Division. "We enjoy being close to nature. The quality of life here is so much better and the travel time between work and home is less than 20 minutes,” said Pria. “The people here are very friendly; it didn't take long for our family to settle in and to feel a sense of belonging." 

 Pria & Raj


From the UK to SJ
Paul Watson of the United Kingdom moved his family to New Brunswick and joined JDI Finance Division. The move brought lots of changes for Paul and his young family, but an improved work-life-balance and more time in nature are two of the best changes. Hear Paul speak about his new career and new home.


Changing the Face of Shipbuilding
The Women Unlimited Program at the Halifax Shipyard is changing the face of shipbuilding. Part of this program are many proud African-Canadians. See the story of the first class to graduate the program and begin their careers as shipbuilders: 

 Women Unlimited Small

Tonia Marshall helps other Aboriginal people find their True Calling with Pathways to Shipbuilding. Watch her inspiring story:



Building a Career, Inspiring the Next Generation
Idania Carcamo is from Nicaragua. She studied at University of New Brunswick in Fredericton and secured a job with the construction and equipment division of JDI. Idania’s hope? To inspire the next generation of girls to dream, and build, big; “I want to set an example and encourage the next generation of girls to pursue a career in engineering,” Idania said.

 Idania Carcamo ENG



Crossing Cultures, Creating Community
JDI staff, employees, private contractors and community leaders in the Sussex area recently participated in Intercultural Skills Training "Working Together Works" hosted by Multicultural Association of the Greater Moncton Area (MAGMA). The interactive workshops had 46 participants learning about the differences among people and their cultures. This day-long event was in preparation for welcoming newcomers to the JDI Woodlands operations in the coming year.
“When you look at New Brunswick today, for every ten jobs that companies are trying to fill, they’re only filling about seven of those jobs. Immigration is the way that we’re going to have population growth in New Brunswick. Companies need to understand what is required to keep folks settled here for the long term.” Robert Fawcett, Director of Corporate Relations, JDI Woodlands Division.



Seeing Saint John through Sam Shen's Eyes
Sam completed his undergraduate degree in Shanghai, China, then stayed and worked for 4 years. Upon feeling like he needed to grow and change, Sam moved to New Brunswick, Canada! He entered into the MBA program at the University of New Brunswick Saint John campus, where a guest lecturer spoke to his class - Jim Jordan, Vice-President of JDI Supply Chain. Sam was inspired and saw Jim Jordan's vision and joined the company immediately upon completion of his MBA. Sam became a proud citizen of Canada in 2014. He and his wife visit his family and in-laws in Shanghai almost yearly. 



Engaging Global Expertise 
Before joining our team, Job Vazquez worked on major engineering and shipbuilding programs in Mexico, Spain, France and the United Kingdom.

 Job Vazquez 

As a project planning and scheduling manager, Job Vazquez, oversees the construction of the Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships for Canada. His education, including a Doctorate in Marine Engineering from Newcastle University, and experience managing the fabrication and commissioning of shipbuilding and repair projects, has contributed to advancing the capabilities of Irving Shipbuilding’s entire workforce.

“Irving Shipbuilding, our team of shipbuilders and the Nova Scotia community have helped my wife, son, and I feel at home here in Halifax, said Job. "I’m proud to be helping renew the Canadian fleet and grow the marine sector across the country.”