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Celebrating diversity on Multicultural Day!


June 27th is Multicultural Day and we're celebrating cultural diversity across the company.

"Diversity of people and ideas are a vital source of innovation - strengths that we are committed to growing," said Jim Irving, Co-CEO of J.D. Irving, Limited.

"Our focus is on keeping and bringing skilled Atlantic Canadians home to the communities where we are proud to live and work," says Susan Wilson, Director of Immigration for J.D. Irving, Limited (JDI). "Welcoming newcomers is one part of our recruitment strategy and since the beginning of 2017, we have sponsored over 220 new employees from 25 different countries. We have been pleased to welcome many employees and their families to help them begin their lives in Canada.”

Welcoming International Recruits to the Woodlands

JDI Woodlands is proud to support and welcome their newest international recruit from Brazil, Marcio Pereira to the team. Jeremy Lyons, Marcio Pereira, Barry McAllister, Dave Corbett, Scott Cogswell (left to right).   

 Woodlands - Multiculturalism Day - 2019


Over the next year, JDI Woodlands will welcome 80 new Canadians from Latvia, Brazil, Finland, and Ukraine to live and work in New Brunswick.

Meet Rafael Machado dos Santos from Brazil.

 “When you have a chance to realize your dream, you feel like crying because you are so happy. It’s a good feeling to have good opportunities. That’s what I found in New Brunswick. It’s a perfect place to live and my family will be so proud to stay here!” Rafael recently had a baby girl and he is very excited for her learn new things and have a great life in Canada!




From Lativia to New Brunswick

Guntis Kivlenieks and his family came to New Brunswick through JDI's sponsored immigration program. 

"JDI has given me so much support. I have a place to stay and a truck to drive. My kids are in school, and my wife is taking English courses. Everything is awesome!"

 Multiculturalism Day - 2019



Meet Anton from India

Anton Manuel works as an Intermediate Network Analyst in the IT Division at JDI. “It’s always been a dream to be part of a diverse company that thrives in many industries.” says Anton. “When it comes to Canadian culture,  I love the people here, the traditions and the customs They've been so kind to me.” We are proud to have you with us Anton!   Welcome to Canada!




From Ukraine to New Brunswick

Sergi, Anna, Nataliya, Max, and Alex are all part of the IT division at JDI. They shared what Canada means to them and their families as newcomers from Ukraine.  Welcome to our head office team in Saint John!!   

 ITD - Multiculturalism Day - 2019


Sergi Overko (Top row left), ERP Senior Business Analyst IT Division
“I’ve been on business trips, living in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa for several months, and even in the United States.. But we always came back to Saint John, New Brunswick because we always felt at home here. My kids love going to school, they miss school during the holidays!”

Anna Kusenko (Bottom row right), Business Analyst IT Division
“Here in Canada, I can be part of a big project and have time for my kids. I am really happy that I can be a mom and work as well!”

Nataliya Yevtushenko (Top row center), Contracts Manager IT Division
“Now my children are free! They can go to school, enjoy their time, be respected in their school environment. I feel that they can have their childhood. Canada, and New Brunswick in particular, is a place where found happiness for our family.”

Max Bodayev (Bottom row left), Delivery Manager IT Division
“I like New Brunswick because I have a good work-life balance with more time with my family. I found that in Saint John, and especially JDI, these values are shared by everyone!”

Alex Korel (Top row right), ERP Senior Business Analyst IT Division
“Here, I am able to spend time with my family. Life is good and the people in New Brunswick are friendly!”


 Atlantic Towing - Multiculturalism Day - 2019


Andriy Ivanov is a Senior Naval Architect with Atlantic Towing and has been part of the JDI family since coming to Canada from Ukraine in 2017.  Andriy shares what diversity means for him. 

"Diversity is a continuous journey of exploring different cultures, traditions and customs. Understanding and appreciating differences is not a simple task but I truly believe that diversity drives innovations and broadens peoples' horizons. I was lucky to visit all four provinces of Atlantic Canada and every time was nicely surprised by hospitality and kindness of people. Our family feels safe and welcomed here in New Brunswick thanks to the people we interact with every day at work, school and any other occasions in our community."


Meet Maryam from Pakistan

 RST Sunbury - Multiculturalism Day - 2019


Maryam Syed joined JDI in January 2016 and is originally from Pakistan. Maryam shares what diversity means for her.

"Diversity means creativity, innovation, breaking the mold, a variety of ideas and perspectives! With a lack of diversity, we will lose the out of box thinking that comes with people who have undergone different experiences in their lives and belong to a variety of cultures. I feel right at home in Atlantic Canada. Atlantic Canada's inclusive values align very closely with my personal values and I’ve never felt like an outsider. New Brunswick is a beautiful province with so much to offer." 


Meet the diverse team at KENT

The growing e-commerce team, on Trinity Drive in Moncton, are the driving force behind order fulfillment and customer service for

 KBS - Multiculturalism Day - 2019


(From left to right)

Neli Poulatov immigrated from Israel in 2013 and first settled in Woodstock, NB. She and her family made the move to Moncton and are very grateful for the friends and opportunities available to them in Canada. 

Marcela Mendonca arrived in Toronto, Canada from Brazil in December 2016 with her family. In September 2018, she decided to call New Brunswick home and moved to Moncton. She ‘loves the Maritime hospitality’ and says that her family really enjoys living on the East Coast.

Maricel Ghose moved to Moncton from the Philippines over a year ago and says she has ‘found her home away from home’. We are thankful for their hard work and dedication to KENT customers!


Joining the CFM Family

Sridhar Puranik has worked with CFM since 2017 as a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Programmer. On April 16, 2019, Sridhar, his wife and two daughters obtained their Canadian citizenship. “I am so proud to be a Canadian citizen. I am more confident and independent than ever.” says Sridhar.

 CFM - Multiculturalism Day - 2019