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Celebrating Earth Day 2022

Earth Day marks an annual day of recognition to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Since its inception in the 1970s, the day has evolved to include numerous communities totaling over one billion people in over 193 countries. This year, the theme is "Invest in our Planet," a theme that we try to practice every day in the communities where we work and live. 

As part of our operations, we work to reduce our footprint on air, land, and water. Our commitment to quality products and services dates back over 140 years and is rooted in our values of long-term forest stewardship.


Our foresters in the Woodlands division operate at the landscape-scale with an 80-year management plan. This plan is updated every five years to account for changes to the climate, forest inventory, and changing values. We know that if we look after the forest, the forest will look after us.

Our Woodlands division grows more wood than is harvested with over one billion trees planted to date. These trees are grown to be naturally stronger and more resilient to climate change. It’s a win-win; because our planted areas produce four times more wood than naturally regenerated areas, they also remove four times more carbon from the atmosphere. With investment in growing our wood supply, we are helping to remove carbon dioxide and meet international climate change targets. 

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Our forests and forest products remove carbon and also benefit biodiversity and a range of other ecosystem services. J.D. Irving, Limited has an award-winning voluntary conservation program. Beginning with 29 sites in the 1980s, the program now encompasses almost 1,900 sites and includes diverse wildlife, plants, unique and rare forest stands, aesthetic sites and locations of historical value. We set aside 25 percent of our forest lands for the purpose of conservation and to promote clean water, biodiversity, and wildlife conservation.


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