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Celebrating Earth Day by Being Part of the Change!


Earth Day is a global day of action to protect and restore our environment. 

At J.D. Irving, Limited it's a year-round effort. Our operations are continuously working to minimize our footprint on air, land, and water. We also as well as invest in research and conservation with valued partners.

How are our teams doing their part?


Woodlands Division

It is about more than just trees for our Woodlands Division. Our focus is also on storing carbon, ensuring quality wildlife habitat, biodiversity, and clean water.

Tree planting is a core value for JDI and ensures that the forests we own or manage will be sustainable for generations to come. According to a study by Dr. Chris Hennigar of the University of New Brunswick, JDI's entire forest products value chain is carbon negative, absorbing more carbon than it emits. The trees we plant – more than one billion and counting – will absorb 40% more carbon and grow four times as fast as a natural stand, helping us to exceed international climate change targets. 

From replacing carbon intensive building materials and plastics, to providing green energy, to sequestering carbon through well managed forests, the woods are truly in our lives in a way that is more important than ever before. 

 Earth Day 2021 1


On Saturday, April 24th, the Irving Nature Park will team up with ACAP Saint John to celebrate Earth Day by doing a beach clean-up along Saint's Rest Beach in Saint John, NB! If you're interested in taking part - please visit or visit Irving Nature Park on Facebook for more details! 


Construction and Equipment Division 

Irving Equipment has helped with the installation and maintenance of numerous wind turbines throughout Atlantic Canada. The most recent project they have been involved with was just outside of Sussex, New Brunswick, installing turbines that were over 400 feet tall.

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Sawmills Division

Earlier this year, Grand Lake Timber installed a turbine that is putting green energy back on the grid. This new 1.3-megawatt turbine at our Chipman sawmill is displacing 2,145 tonnes of CO2 every year. It's putting green energy into the grid by burning green wood residues from the mill. The turbine creates enough energy to power approximately 670 average New Brunswick homes.

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Pulp and Paper Division

The Pulp & Paper Division has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 55% since 2005. The Paris Accord agreement requires Canada to have a 30% reduction in emissions by 2030. This means the Pulp & Paper Division is well ahead of international targets and on their way to meeting the 2050 goal of having an 80% reduction!


Irving Shipbuilding

The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) is in the process of renewing its fleet through the National Ship Building Strategy, and over the next 30 years will see the replacement of its current fleet. Building ships using modern technologies which are more energy efficient than those used to build the Halifax class has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The design requirements for the new Canadian Surface Combats (CSC) are for ships that allow the RCN to meet or exceed all current Canadian and International environmental regulations and laws, and the Department of National Defence continues to explore opportunities to improve the environmental footprint of these ships. The CSC, for example, will have optimized hybrid propulsion systems that will more efficiently transfer the power produced in the engines to the ships’ propellers as compared to the engine configuration in the existing fleet, resulting in improved fuel efficiency. 


Transportation & Logistics Division

Universal Truck and Trailer recently worked with ACAP Saint John to protect a segment of land along the Marsh Creek from erosion by planting native tree species along the creek bank. ACAP Saint John is a branch of the Atlantic Coastal Action Program, a community-based NGO dedicated to resorting and sustaining local watersheds and adjacent coastal areas. 

The organization received a grant in 2020 to complete restoration work in watercourses connected to the Saint John River. Following a survey, the group noticed erosion next to the UTT service location. They reached out to Aaron Keating, Director of Operations in Saint John, who was happy to grant permission for the group to plant trees and shrubs to mitigate the erosion and stabilize the area. Aaron met with the group for a site walkthrough in summer 2020.

In September, ACAP Saint John planted 50 trees at the site - all were species that are already present at the site, which includes birch and willow trees. In the coming years, they're expected to become quite visible, and greatly increase the stability and natural beauty of the creek bed. 

For more information, or to become involved with ACAP Saint John, please visit 

Photos courtesy of ACAP Saint John.

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Moncton Group of Companies

The Irving Tissue plant in Toronto, Ontario completed the construction of a combined heat and power (CHP) facility in December 2020. The natural gas-fired turbines create electricity for the plant while the plant uses the exhaust heat generated from that turbine to create steam that is required to heat the building and make tissue products.

This CHP facility will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and run at a 70% to 80% energy efficiency meaning it uses 70% to 80% of the heat in its process.

 Irving Tissue Earth Day