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Celebrating Families and Generations


Timmy Richard joined the shipping team at Irving Wallboard in 2016 and has held various roles on the production line. In 2018, his daughter, Emily, joined the Wallboard team as an administrative assistant through the J.D. Irving, Limited co-op program. 

A business student at the University of New Brunswick, Emily returned to JDI the following year with the corporate finance group on an 8 month co-op, before completing her final co-op term with the sawmill finance team. Although Timmy and Emily didn't get to see as much of each other as her co-op terms progressed, there was comfort for Timmy in knowing she was working for a great organization.

"JDI values family bonds and understands the importance of family. This proves itself in how they focus on providing their employees with a positive work environment, how they value their employees' work-life balance and how they are always giving back to the community," said Timmy.

Emily will be graduating this month, and beginning her career at JDI at the same time. She'll be returning to her role with the sawmill's finance team and start working toward her CPA. She's one of many students hired before graduation at JDI companies. 

"Being hired prior to graduation was beneficial in many ways. I was able to complete my degree knowing that my hard work and dedication toward the field of accounting had paid off. I was able to dedicate my time to expanding my knowledge and focusing on school rather than spending it searching for employment. Working for a company that recognizes potential and capitalizes on that so early on is something I will forever be grateful for," said Emily.

Emily hopes to share her experience at JDI and provide mentorship to future students. Her experience as a co-op student was what confirmed her interest in accounting, and she would like to help future students come to the same realization. 

"My dad inspired me to work for JDI and I am so [happy] to have taken his advice," said Emily.