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Celebrating National Co-op Student Week


In celebration of National Co-op Week JDI would like to showcase just a few of our phenomenal co-ops, and let them share some the experiences they have had so far this term.



Each year JDI welcomes students from around the country to our multi-divisional team. This term we were fortunate enough to have 82 students join us from 12 different universities and colleges, with another 650 student positions forecasted before the end of 2017. We proudly provide students with the opportunity to gain experience in their chosen field of study, while also helping them develop essential skills that they will continue using for the rest of their careers. 

Whether they are co-op students, summer students, or interns, we pride ourselves on treating each of these up-and-comers as if they were full-time employees. We strive to give each student the chance to actively participate in a variety of different projects, while also taking their suggestions into consideration. This collaborative environment allows students to truly have their voices heard.

To further reinforce this feeling of unity, we offer tours of our various facilities to these co-op students. This unique experience gives students a better view of the overall spectrum of career opportunities that will be available after graduation.
JDI is focused on the success of our students, which is why we offer so many full-time opportunities for them upon the completion of their respective degrees.

Interested in our student opportunities? Visit our website to learn more!