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Celebrating Safe Driving

Every year Midland recognizes and honours our driving professionals who have reached milestones of accident-free driving.  Congratulations to our 48 “Million Milers” who received awards for their commitment, dedication, and focus on safety in 2014. These 48 professional drivers have combined for 64 Million accident-free miles.

1 Million Miles or 10 Years Accident-Free:
William Crandall, Marc Maillet, Raymond McEvoy, Andrew Cunnison, Kirk Knowles, Dennis Bromwich, Rick MacQuarrie, Gabriel Cormier, James McDougall, Joseph (Junior) Vautour, Kevin Richard, Christopher Brine, Spencer Cove, Adam Edgar, Dan MacPhee, Francis Marmen, Robert Nason, Huibert De Korte, Jorden MacAusland, Alan Hardwick, Wayne Eldridge, Yves Beaulieu, Marcel Mercier, Randal Abbott, Marcel Carignan, Anthony Collins, Darren Garnhum, Alain Hickok, Dragisa Hrvacevic, Robert McCabe, Rob McColl, Donald Oldfield, James Pirie, Berkley Power, Brad Redmond and Gurvinder Thandi

2 Million Miles or 20 Years Accident-Free: 
Martin Wallace, Julien Madore, James Ludlow, Thomas Atkinson, Mark Robichaud, Lester Gullison, Rejean Pelletier and Bernard Theriault

3 Million Miles or 30 Years Accident-Free:
Rick Oulton, Dave Tibbetts, Kevin MacPhee and Robert MacNeil

When you see our green and white trucks on the road, you know a professional is behind the wheel! Congratulations to the drivers whose superior quality service is a reflection of the commitment and dedication of the Midland team.

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