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Celebrating Skilled Trades and Technology Week


Skilled trades are an integral part of our business. In the next three years, we’re forecasting hiring over 460 skilled trades workers across operations. 

Student tours, scholarships, equipment donations, co-ops, and apprenticeships as well as our sponsorship of the National Skills Canada Competition held in Moncton are just some of our initiatives to help enrich the learning of skilled trades students. 

  Hiring Forecast Map


To celebrate Skilled Trades and Technology Week we’re sharing the stories some of our own skilled trades talent within the company. 

Career on Track with Co-op Opportunities



“I loved my 14-week co-op at NB Southern Railway,” said Rebecca Nicolle, Diesel Mechanic at NB Southern Railway. “It’s really the best thing I’ve done because it set me on the path of skilled trades. The company paid for my education and all of my textbooks at NBCC Saint Andrews. I graduated this past spring and started full-time right away.”

Rebecca is one of 1,400 NBCC and CCNB graduates working in our operations. Rebecca encourages young people, especially girls, to give trades in transportation a chance. “There is more opportunity than you think. You can have more than a job. You can have a career, while still being home for the special, and the ordinary, family occasions.”

A New Trade and a New Home in the Maritimes

Alan Filippone 

Alan Filippone studied at NBCC and is an Apprentice Truck and Transport Technician with Midland.

“JDI is a great place for apprentices. Efforts are rewarded and opportunities are limitless. They’re investing in me by providing resources to enhance my skills. As an immigrant from Italy, New Brunswick is my new home. It’s where I want to build my future.” said Alan Filippone, Apprentice Truck and Transport Technician with Midland.

Scholarships to Support Skilled Trades Education


Jordan Kierstead spent his summer co-op student at Irving Pulp & Paper Mill as a Mechanical Technician. Jordan’s father Clayton has worked as a Mechanical Technician at the mill for nearly 12 years. Jordan was awarded $1,000 for his education at NBCC as part of the employee child scholarship program. 

Home from Western Canada   

For two years Andre Albert worked in Alberta. During that time, he missed New Brunswick, his friends, and family. “To be working and living at home again, it means the world to me. JDI offered a great opportunity in my province so I took it without hesitation,” said Andre, an Electrician at NB Southern Railway. “I’ve been here for two years and in that time it’s been nice to see this is a company that brings in high school and college students for work terms and tries to keep them on afterwards.”

Big Projects

A team of over 100 at CFM built the new Deer Island ferry. Many on the team trained at NBCC. The 24-car ferry is the largest vessel CFM has ever built. Watch drone footage of the new ferry, the Abnaki II.   



Trades in the Family

Five generations of the Stout family have worked at Irving Pulp and Paper.

  Stout Family
Buddy Stout, third generation of five to work at Irving Pulp and Paper, Mechanical Technician;  Kevin Stout, NBCC graduate, fifth generation to work at Irving Pulp and Paper, Call Crew; Chris Stout, fourth generation to work at Irving Pulp and Paper, Brown Stock Tech 1. 


“I had a job offer before I finished my course at NBCC. It was an awesome feeling knowing I would graduate and be able to start a good paying job right away – without having to move away. I’m lucky; I don’t miss any family dinners and birthdays. I’m 21 years old, I’m a homeowner, and I am so glad I get to work in my hometown.” - Kevin Stout, NBCC graduate, fifth generation to work at Irving Pulp and Paper, Call Crew.      

His father and grandfather are quoted on page 8 here. 

The New Face of Shipbuilding

  Trades and Technology Week

An innovative, collaborative, Nova Scotian-grown partnership between Irving Shipbuilding, Women Unlimited, and the Nova Scotia Community College is building a stronger, more diverse workforce.

“This is a win-win proposition.  A more diverse workforce is a stronger workforce,” said Doreen Parsons, Manager of the Women Unlimited Association. “It draws together Irving Shipbuilding Inc., the Nova Scotia Community College, Government, unions, and Women Unlimited to focus on creating pathways for diverse women to enter the shipbuilding industry.”

Interested in a career in skilled trades? See our current openings.