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Celebrating Small Business Week 2018


SAINT JOHN, N.B. - -  In celebration of Small Business Week, J.D. Irving, Limited (JDI) is saying thank you to the small businesses it works with in communities large and small.


“Small businesses are vital to our operations," explains Scott Gillis, Vice President of Supply Chain for JDI.  "In New Brunswick alone, we work with over 4600 businesses - the majority are less than 50 employees.  They are the lifeblood of our supply chain and we appreciate the quality of products and services they deliver."


In 2017, JDI invested $1.36 billion in locally-owned New Brunswick businesses, supporting the economy and strengthening valuable relationships. 




When it comes to woodlands, few know the industry better than the McMillan family. Jack McMillan’s family harvesting businesses has been supplying JDI for nearly 40 years! Today, Jack’s son, Steve, and grandson, Kyle are proudly involved in the business.

 Macmillan Family
 Kyle, Steve and Jack McMillan run a family forest harvesting enterprise that has supplied JDI since 1979





Irving Pulp and Paper's upgrade in April 2018, saw over $29 Million in contracts awarded to 84 New Brunswick businesses, and over 1,200 people were hired to help with the upgrades. 


One of the businesses employed was MQM Quality Manufacturing, a Tracadie-Sheila-based business, that is a leader in Canada’s steel structure fabrication and installation sector. 


“It’s easy to see that the people working for JDI have a deep sense of pride in the mill,” says company spokesman Jean Chaisson, “They believe in the products; they invest in the future. And every time the Irving companies invest, it definitely helps our company.”

 MQM Tracadie
 Jean Chaisson was one of 1,200 contractors to work at the Irving Pulp and Paper Mill in April, 2018





Cavendish Farms produces quality frozen potato and appetizer products for the North American and international food industry, supplying customers in the retail, and restaurant sectors. 


“The key to our success and growth is the relationship we have with growers. These small family businesses provide us with the raw products that allow us to produce quality frozen potato and appetizer products,” says Ron Clow, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cavendish Farms. “We are proud to have long-term relationships with more 130 growers across Canada and the United States.”


Cavendish Farms is currently building a new frozen potato processing plant in Lethbridge, Alberta. When the plant opens in 2019, an additional 9,000 acres of potatoes will be needed from local growers.


“Bringing the goodness of the farm to homes and restaurants is what we do best,” adds Clow. “Our growers partner with us to deliver quality products to people around the world who love our food.”

 Karl Smallman
 One of Cavendish Farms’ growers, Karl Smallman of Triple S Farms in Knutsford, PEI





A key area of focus for JDI’s transportation companies is to grow their Owner-Operator base. Owner-Operators are small business owners that keep the wheels turning every day.  RST, Sunbury Transport and Midland, are looking to recruit nearly 150 Owner-Operators over the next two years, particularly for Midland Transport and Sunbury Vans divisions. 


“Owner-Operators have a unique role with our businesses,” says Campbell Arbeau, Driver Experience Specialist with RST and Sunbury Transport. “They own their own vehicles, and run them just like a small business, but with additional benefits. We’re seeing a lot of newcomers to Canada express interest in becoming an Owner Operator, and many have been successful across the Maritimes, Ontario and Quebec.”

 Rod Wetmore
 Campbell Arbeau, Driver Experience Specialist & Rod Wetmore, RST Owner-Operator



 Gaston Cormier
 Gaston Cormier is an Owner-Operator from Caraquet, NB and has over 32 years’ service with Midland


With over 150 years combined experience, RST, Sunbury Transport and Midland draw on exceptional teams - in the office and on the road - to provide diverse and innovative trucking and logistics services. All three companies are headquartered in New Brunswick with plans to hire an additional 375 professional drivers and several new team members by the end of 2020. To learn more about opportunities with this company, visit


Happy Small Business Week!  Thank you to all our valued suppliers, contractors, owner-operators and local entrepreneurs.


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