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Celebrating the Completion of Phase 2 of the Mill Modernization


Our Top 8 Stories from the $198 Million Project

  Irving Pulp & Paper


1. Investing in New Brunswick

As we mark 70 years of operation of the pulp mill in Saint John, we celebrate a renewed future. We’re delivering on our March 2014 investment announcements of $450 million at Irving Pulp and Paper, as part of the $513 million investment in forest products business across the province.

In addition to the upgrades at Irving Pulp and Paper, we have delivered on other promised investments announced in March 2014:

• $38 million modernization of our sawmill in Chipman, N.B.
• $3.2 million new state-of-the-art forest research lab in Sussex, N.B.

We have also dedicated additional investments in projects that were not part of the March 2014 announcement:

• $37 million in new capital projects at Lake Utopia Paper in St. George and Irving Paper in Saint John.
• $56 million dedicated to support 65 new entrepreneurs across NB in their purchase of logging equipment which will employ approximately 120 new machine operators and truck drivers.

We’re committed to New Brunswick. We’ve been in business here for over 130 years, and part of the west side of Saint John for 70 years. We're committed to taking care of our forests for a healthy environment and to ensure a strengthened future for the thousands of families that rely on a healthy forest sector in New Brunswick.

See the full message from Jim Irving, Co-CEO of J.D. Irving, Limited on page 3

2. Thank you to our suppliers

Over $90 Million in contracts awarded to 166 New Brunswick Businesses

Thank you to all our New Brunswick contractors, quality suppliers, and your skilled employees for your work on our mill modernization project, Phase 2. More on page 4.

3. Welcome to the team! 

From potash to pulp - proud to keep them home. We've hired 54 and counting.

  Potash Employees
Front Row: Robert Paterson, Ken Fenwick; 2nd Row: Kris Kyle, Troy Allaby; 3rd Row: Kyle Bennett, Frank Marr; Stairs: Ryan London, Jeff Pearson, Joe Miller.
Missing from photo: Rob Secord, Clifford Marr, Daniel Backa, David Graham, Shawn Jones.

Our hearts went out to the Sussex community when news of the potash mine closure was announced in January. We are happy to welcome 54 former potash employees to the JDI team – with more to come. Today, 14 people from the potash mine are working in our Pulp and Paper Division.

We asked some of our new team members what it means to them to stay in the province.

“Words cannot express how appreciative I am to have secured employment with the Irving Pulp and Paper Division. For so many reasons, but most importantly, it means my family and I can stay in New Brunswick.” Joe Miller, Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor, Irving Pulp and Paper

“We often thought about pursuing opportunities elsewhere, but when it comes down to it, it’s nice to be home. I get to have my family here and give my children the same quality upbringing I grew up with. Growing up in the Maritimes, that’s worth a lot – more than people realize. I’m proud to have my family here." Ryan London, Mechanical Technician, Irving Pulp and Paper 

4. Five Generations  

  Five Generations
Buddy Stout, third generation of five to work at Irving Pulp and Paper, Mechanical Technician;  Kevin Stout, NBCC graduate, fifth generation to work at Irving Pulp and Paper, Call Crew; Chris Stout, fourth generation to work at Irving Pulp and Paper, Brown Stock Tech 1


“I had a job offer before I finished my course at NBCC. It was an awesome feeling knowing I would graduate and be able to start a good paying job right away – without having to move away. I’m lucky; I don’t miss any family dinners and birthdays. I’m 21 years old, I’m a homeowner, and I am so glad I get to work in my hometown.” - Kevin Stout, NBCC graduate, fifth generation to work at Irving Pulp and Paper, Call Crew

His father and grandfather are quoted on page 8.

5. Economic Impact 

• 600,000 person hours of construction work 
• 375 Fulltime equivalent jobs (direct and indirect) created by Phase 2 of the Mill Modernization project. 
• Nearly $24 million in labour income

See more of our economic impact and input from the Conference Board of Canada, the Royal Bank of Canada, and the Port of Saint John on page 9

6. “Grandparents are better in person.”

  Graves Family
 Pat Graves holding Molly Graves, Janet Graves holding Sawyer Graves, Alison Bulmer and Kyle Graves


“I didn’t want to move out west after school but the jobs were there and I needed experience. I always knew I would come home to NB someday, and when my daughter arrived it became our top priority. It’s great to be home, but even better to come back to the right job. The investments being made at the pulp mill mean exciting projects, new technology, and stability. This place is a big part of our community and it will be for years to come. And it’s no small thing that my kids will grow up with family close. Chatting online was okay for a while, but grandparents are better in person." – Kyle Graves, Associate Project Engineer, Irving Pulp and Paper, UNB graduate

7. The Next Generation

“At my graduation ceremony I walked across the stage knowing I was walking into a full-time job. That’s a pretty amazing feeling.” – Evan O’Leary, Industrial Controls Technician, Irving Pulp and Paper, NBCC graduate

 “JDI has nearly 1,400 community college graduates working across its operations – 97% work here in New Brunswick. JDI and the team at Irving Pulp and Paper have been very responsive partners - donating equipment, volunteering as guest speakers, and offering students work placements and full-time job opportunities. On behalf of NBCC, thanks to JDI for this investment – securing employment for future skilled graduates of NBCC.” – Marilyn Luscombe, President and CEO, NBCC

“New Brunswick’s future is tied to the opportunities available to its young people. We deeply appreciate JDI’s generous support of our best and brightest students through scholarships, co-op programs, and hiring new graduates. More than 600 UNB alumni work at JDI operations. The mill modernization provides our graduates with challenging, rewarding work and the opportunity to contribute to the provincial economy.” — Eddy Campbell, President and Vice-Chancellor, University of New Brunswick

“Over 160 Université de Moncton graduates work at JDI. Each year JDI provides challenging co-op and full-time opportunities to our students – helping New Brunswick’s young people apply their learning and find fulfilling careers in our province."- Raymond Théberge, Université de Moncton President and Vice Chancellor

More from educational partners, co-op students and new grads on page 15. 

8. We Grow Careers

A scholarship from J.D. Irving, Limited helped Chris Clark of the Kingston Peninsula, New Brunswick, pay for tuition while studying power engineering at the New Brunswick Community College. After two work terms with JDI, Chris started his career at Irving Pulp and Paper.

  Chris Clark
Chris Clark is a Department Superintendent at Irving Pulp and Paper. The NBCC graduate is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Applied Management from the University of New Brunswick, supported by the company.

“I’ve been given tremendous leadership opportunities, even from the beginning of my career. The sky is the limit when it comes to professional development. I obtained my first class ticket in power engineering with the support of JDI. Now, eight years into my career, I feel so lucky: I go to a challenging job I love every day. I get to expand my knowledge in the evenings as I pursue my Bachelor of Applied Management at UNB, completely supported by the company. And on the weekends? I’m assembling a nursery. My wife and I are expecting our first baby, a baby girl, this summer. It’s busy. I don’t think people realize that there is a big focus on family here. You can have both.” - Chris Clark, Department Superintendent, Irving Pulp and Paper, NBCC graduate

More on careers on page 16.

Join the Team 

We’re proud to be able to keep people home, bring them home, and welcome newcomers.

We’re forecasting hiring almost 7,900 people in the next three years. Stay up-to-date at 

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