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Celebrating the Team That Makes it Happen: Happy IT Professionals Day


From our foresters in the woods to our trains on the tracks, technology is at the forefront of so much of what we do at J.D. Irving, Limited. 

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On IT Professionals Day, we recognize the JDI IT team for their work to keep us online, keep us competitive, and move us forward. With more than 10,000 PCs, 290 facilities and more than 4,000 applications, they are a leading force for the company. 

“At the core of it all, our people make the difference. From our foresters in the woods, to our ships in the ocean, our people put the technology forward to drive quality solutions,” said Doug MacAskill, Vice President of JDI IT.

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The work our IT team does helps innovate and bring cutting-edge solutions to our operations, every day. This year, a new in-cab technology was implemented to digitize the truck driving experience for RST Sunbury. The tablet is fully integrated with their Transport Management System, optimizing driving routes (based on real-time weather and traffic), automated workflows and digitized proof of delivery. Additionally, the in-cab tablet system will be leveraged to provide access to safety documents, training videos and online programs; revolutionizing the way our remote workforce operates.

Like all good things, progress is impossible without change. Partnering with JDI Woodlands, JDI IT has been integral in connecting forestry operations. Our harvesters work tirelessly to manager our forest. JDI IT continuously works to make their job easier. New applications in the machines provide detailed operating maps, work order instructions and other useful solutions to keep our remote workers connected. While the team in the woods puts in the groundwork, the onboard computers capture data on all stems and logs harvested. These computers will deliver data back to J.D. Irving at the end of each shift.

No one can consistently simplify the path forward alone. It requires a culture of increased transparency, communication, and an open-door invitation to ask for help. JDI IT creates an environment that encourages ongoing interaction within and between IT and our businesses. The confidence and ability of our team grows exponentially when we share success.

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Wishing our JDI IT team a happy IT Professionals Day! Interested in joining the team? Check out our openings and apply at