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Celebrating Women in Science


Today we're celebrating our talented co-workers and their commitment to science as part of International Day for Women and Girls in Science., We're happy to highlight the dedicated women who keep innovation at the forefront of our industries. Meet some of the women who are applying their science knowledge to their work everyday.

"Science is such a diverse and ever changing field. It challenges the way you think about the world around you and every day provides a chance to learn something new," Pamela Nicks, Propagation Specialist.



 Yeen Ting Hwang, PhD in cellular and molecular biology 

Yeen Ting is the tissue culture specialist for Maritime Innovation Limited. Her involvement in the lab includes potato plantlets propagation and the somatic embryogenesis program. This tree propagation technology enables rapid development of high-value tree varieties that integrate growth, quality, and disease and insect resistance through exploitation of natural variability. 



 Pam Nicks, Bachelor of Science, Biology-Mathematics/Statistics Major. 

Pamela Nicks is a Propagation Specialist for Maritime Innovation Limited. She is involved with many of the programs currently running at the lab, including potato plantlet propagation, the somatic embryogenesis program and the endophytic fungi production which aims to improve tree tolerance to insect and disease. 



 Clara Taylor, BSc Environmental and Resource Science 

Clara is the Nursery and Seed Orchard Technician for the Sussex Tree Nursery and Parkindale Seed Orchard. She is part of the tree improvement team that grows somatic embryogenesis tree seedlings and ensures the orchard is healthy and productive to have a sustainable seed source for reforestation. 

 Elena - Women in Science - 2019


Elena Mancia Rivera, PhD Mathematics and Statistics
Elena is a Data Scientist with J.D. Irving, Limited Corporate and is based in Moncton, New Brunswick.

“We now live in a data-driven world where digital information greatly influences our lives. Data science adds value to the business by helping us predict and explain trends, be more efficient and optimize processes. For J.D. Irving, Limited and our group of companies, data is crucial in helping us make better and faster decisions.”

Over the next three years, J.D. Irving, Limited (JDI) is forecasting 7500 full time hires as well as over 2500 student hires across the company's diverse operations in Canada and the U.S.  

To see current opportunities with JDI, please visit our careers page: